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Tuesday 2nd February

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We hope you had a good first day of learning in February yesterday!

There are lots of resources to help you with mental health week uploaded on to the mental health web page.  Click on the sunflower to go and check them out!

Today we have live lesson at 11am about fronted adverbials and then PSHE at 1pm looking at 'All about me'.

Let's start today thinking about using our Mental Health theme of by being Kind to Yourself!


Find your group’s work below. Print it out or use a pen and paper to answer.

Year 3

LI to count in pounds



Year 4

LI to know perimeter of a rectangle

Mrs Bourdillon’s Group

LI to draw pictograms



These are your spelling for this week;

accident, believe, certain, describe, eight,

February, heard, island, notice, probably

Can you think of a good way to help you remember how to spell the words using the pyramid, rainbow or shape method?



These are your spellings for this week;

scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, leek, leak, flour, flower

Can you think of a good way to help you remember how to spell the words using the pyramid, rainbow or shape method?


Reading Skills

Today’s reading extracts is all about the English language. Read it aloud to an adult, read it aloud to yourself and then read it in your head.


11am Live teaching on TEAMS - fronted adverbials

SPAG: to use fronted adverbials

A fronted adverbial goes at the beginning of a sentence

It describes the verb in the sentence

It describes where, when and how


As soon as he could, Tom jumped off the train.

Last week, I went to the dentist.

In the winter, some animals hibernate.

Outside my house, I found a pizza.

Can you match the fronted adverbial to each sentence so they all make sense?

Gently,                      I clean my teeth

Before I go to bed,        The ground began to shake.           

At last,                     I lost my coat.          

Suddenly,                   I play football.    

At the park,                She lifted the sleeping baby.  

Every playtime              I reached the finish line.  



LI to plan and solve cliff hangers for our story

Today we’re listening to chapter 27 and 28 of the Phoenix Code told by Mrs Irvine

Can you notice any fronted adverbials?

As soon as

All of a sudden

How does each chapter end?

Maybe Rahotep's amulet had worked some magic after all - he might just have figured out the Phoenix Code!

What if old Kaha was making it up?

What do you notice about both endings of the chapters?

How do they make you feel? 

What do you want to do?

What punctuation has been used?

Now could you write 5 of your own cliff hangers using ? and !

You could choose one of these and write 3-5 sentences before the cliff hanger.

Something was out there.

Something was trying to get out.

Something spoke back.

Something moved.

There was nothing there.

It was coming straight for us.


Opening the window, we looked outside, trying to see what had made the noise. We peered into the dark, straining our eyes. There was a blur of movement. Something was out there and it was coming right for us.


1pm Live Teaching - Mental Health Awareness Week - All About Me.


LI to understand how people follow God

Think about what we learnt about The Salvation Army from last week.

Just like Abraham people decide to follow God by helping and supporting others. The Salvation Army is a christian charity that supports and helps people in need.

William Booth founded The Salvation Army.

Click on the picture to find out about him


Look at the link about The Salvation Army


What charity work would you like to be involved in? What could you do to support others? Draw a picture of yourself doing the charity work and write about how you are helping others and how does this make you feel. 


It's nearly the end of day.

Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship.

Click the candle.


Story time for the end of the day.

Well done for another day of good learning!

We look forward to seeing what you have done. Send in photos of your work either through class email or attach your work through TEAMS.

Mrs Bourdillon, Mr Hazelby and Mrs Irvine smileywinkwink