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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Happy Monday Wrens and Jays! I hope you had a very peaceful weekend and that you are ready for week 4 of home learning.

Today we are going to start off with a Wake and Shake called the Banana Boogie!


Banana Boogie



This week in phonics we are continuing to focus on vowel diagraphs, remember that diagraphs include two letters, one sound. Our sound for the day is the long ‘oo ’sound.  Have a look at the letters and sounds lesson here:

(click on the image to take you to the page)

Once you have practised using the letters and sounds video, you can have a try at playing this game to practise what you have learnt.



This week in our topic lesson we are going to be finding out what fossils are. Before we start exploring further, have a look at this video put together by the Natural History Museum to understand fossils a little bit more.

How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum

Have a look at this picture, these fossils were found near the beach and in mud lands. I wonder if you could have a go at guessing what objects might have been fossilised (Just a hint: These are not dinosaur fossils and you can still find these things today!)

Now your task for today is to make your own fossil! You could use play dough like the example below or you could take your learning outside and create a giant fossil using natural materials, have a look at the example for some ideas!


Today, your handwriting focus is on the letter ‘b’. This letter has a straight back and a big belly! Have a go at writing ‘b’ in your neatest handwriting then have a look for some things in your home that start with the letter ‘b’, can you make a list?


Today we would like you to play a turn taking game. This could be a game you have at home such as Connect 4 or Operation. You could take your learning outside again and play a game such as skittles. You could even make up your own game that involves taking turns! Have a look at the examples of home-made games here: