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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Week 1

Begin by showing the image in the file below

Children to annotate picture with what they see, thinking from an art perspective: colour, shade, tone, size, strokes, mood etc.

Explain that this week we will aim to recreate this picture by focussing on two particular skills: Shadows and perspective. Where can we see shadows? Where can we see different perspectives? (the size of the boats according to distance).

Reseach Vincent Bal who is a shadowologist – what might this word mean?

Play this great clip showing how shadows can be used to create all kinds of art:

You can use the further resource to help with inspiration:

Play with items sourced from around school and torches to create shadows. Children to observe the shapes made by these and to draw around them to create pictures of their own. Photograph these for their books and upload them via email to your class teacher.