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Wellbeing Wednesday

20th May 2020

This week the weather has turned and we finally have some sunshine - which helps us to all feel a bit better about the current situation.

Our challenge this week is for you to organise and have a picnic.  You may choose to enjoy your picnic with your friends and family whilst observing social distancing.  You could sit in your garden, on your balcony or at a public open space like a local park if you wanted to.  You can share your picnic with your household family, your toys or even your friends via social media video calling.  You get to create the picnic basket and fill it with wonderful foods to share and enjoy.  What will you put in your sandwich, wrap or roll?  Will you have cakes or biscuits or both?  What drinks will you have and most important of all - who will be lucky enough to share it with you?

Don't forget to send us your pictures and keep us updated with how you are getting on.  If you do go out in the sunshine, please remember to apply sun cream, wear a hat and keep hydrated.


13th May 2020


My favourite part of the day is bedtime.  I love telling stories and reading stories to my children.  I have missed reading to my class too.  Books are full of wonderful places to escape to with our imagination.  When I was little I can remember being read Peter Pan and going to Neverland, it is still one of my favourite books now.

I would like you to recommend your favourite books and stories to me.  I want to create a list of stories that you would like to have read to you, for you and your family to enjoy.

So this week raid your book shelves and dust off those book covers and get sharing the love of reading and story telling. 

6th May 2020


Happy Wellbeing Wednesday!

This weeks challenge will involve you getting outside.  This week is British Garden Week.  With Spring well and truly with us and the world around us becoming greener by the day I wonder how many different trees, plants/flowers and birds you can identify?  If you don't have a garden - if like me have a landscaped garden with fake grass and no plants, you can still take part in this challenge when you take your recommended daily exercise.  I challenge you to find the following:

10 types of tree

10 flowers / plants

10 types of bird

Can you grow a plant in under a week?

Good luck



Are you ready?  Are you steady?  Well you'd better get Snappy!

This week our challenge to you is to recycle an empty milk bottle in to T-Rex!  Follow the steps in the pictures below and email us a photo of your creations.

22.4.2020 Wellbeing Wednesday Challenge:

Ask your parents if you have anything to bake a cake or make biscuits with...  If you have, what type of cake or biscuit can you make?  Can you ice biscuits or decorate a shop bought cake? Can you design a new cake or biscuit range to sell in the shops? Email us your pictures and tell us if you have permission for them to be posted on our page in the new Wellbeing Wednesday file.

Ready.... Steady.... BAKE!