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Dragon Eyes

Do you remember Animate Arts who came in to school to make the cardboard portraits?  They are setting challenges for you to make stuff out of cardboard.  Why not have a look at the challenges by clicking on the picture link and email me pictures of your amazing creations!



There is a video to help you, see here :

Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Task one:

            Look at and discuss Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Refer to two main characteristics of this painting. The use of exciting, bright colours and the application of textured paint. 

Choose an aspect of the picture to replicate in detail.

Use selection of crayons to make line drawings of flowers, and then wash in a contrasting watery poster paint on small pieces of paper (various shapes and sizes)


Task Two:

           Take a digital photograph of their painting 

Ask the children to annotate the photo with answers to these questions.

What do they like about their painting?

What new skills have they learnt?

How does their painting compare to other paintings by children in the class?

How would they improve their work next time?

and email