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Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity: The Big Frieze


Autumn 1:

This terms big question is I wonder why the word God is so important to Christians?

The first panel of the big frieze is CREATION

When looking at the frieze panels think about these questions:

  • What can you see?
  • What words are written on it?
  • Why are those words represented?
  • What would you add to the panel and why?


In this unit of work we will learn that:

  • Christians believe that the word ‘God’ is important as the name of someone very important
  • Christians believe that God is the Creator of the universe and all that is in it, including people and animals,
  • Christians show that God is important to them in church when they gather together to pray to God and to sing his praise.
  • Christians are taught to respect God’s name and use it with love and care because God is holy and great.
  • Christians believe that they should care for God’s world.

Autumn 2:

This terms big questions is: I wonder why Christians perform Nativity plays at Christmas.

Here is the frieze panel for INCARNATION

In this unit we will learn:

  • Christians believe God came to Earth in human form as Jesus.
  • Christians believe that Jesus was a special baby because he came from God.
  • Christians believe Jesus came to show that all people are precious and special to God.
  • Christians find the nativity story in the Bible.
  • Christians perform nativity plays to help children remember story of the birth of Jesus.

Spring 1:

This term our big question is: I wonder what do Christians believe is important about Jesus and the message he brings?

The frieze panel for this term is: GOSPEL

Throughout this unit of work we will leant to:

  • Retell at least two accounts of Jesus meeting different people.

• Talk about the way Jesus taught about how people should live their lives.

• Talk about friendship and forgiveness in my own life

• Retell at least two parables that Jesus told.

• Talk about how parables are special stories that have a message that teaches Christians more about God.

• Talk about love and kindness in my own life

• Retell at least two accounts of the miracles Jesus performed.

• Talk about how Jesus’ miracles teach Christians more about who Jesus is and why he is special.

• Talk about peace in my own life.

Spring 2:

This term our big question is: I wonder why Christians put a cross in an Easter garden?

The big frieze panel is: SALVATION


In this unit we will learn that:

  • Christians remember how the crowds welcomed Jesus on Palm Sunday 
  • Christians remember the sadness of Jesus dying on Good Friday
  • Christians remember the surprise and happiness of Easter Sunday because Jesus did not stay dead
  • Christians use special symbols and have special customs connected to Jesus’ death and resurrection over the Easter period
  • Christians believe that the cross is a very special symbol reminding them that they can be glad to have Jesus to help them to make a new start when they do things wrong.