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Do plants and flowers need water?

Try splitting a flower stem in half lengthways and putting each half in a different colour of water. What do you think will happen to the flower?


Why not compare the speed of water transportation in different places? You could think about comparing a windy place with a calm place, or a very bright place with a darker place.


Can you demonstrate your understanding of how water is transported by the stem by creating a 3D picture? Use a straw for the stem, and collage materials for the rest of the plant.

Getting hands on with science is one of my favourite things about it as a subject.  I love doing tests and experiments and finding out how and why things act, behave, grow or work the way they do.  It's great when things go right as we expected and more fun when things go wrong or not as we expected and we have to work out why?  One of the tricky parts about science though is explaining what I've found out... concluding experiments. So why not make this part as much fun as the rest of science? 

This week I want you to get into role and be that enthusiastic and animated biologist like David Belemy  - or the cool, calm and collected presenter that is David Attenborough or you can even give it your best impression of the mad and crazy scientist Miss Copley and present your investigation findings to me in a creative way!  Dressing-up isn't necessary - but does make it more fun... but what is most important is all the delicious scientific vocabulary you use correctly to explain what plants need to grow well... I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Good Luck

Week 3 plant and seed experiment results

Week 3 tasks:


You will need your investigation sheets from last week to complete this task, you can print them from the file link below in the week 2 work on this page.


  1. Which plants look healthiest and why do you think this is?
  2. Why are the leaves on the light plant all facing the same direction?
  3. Why are the leaves on the cold plant starting to turn yellow?
  4. What could be in a fridge that could influence/help/encourage a plant to grow in a certain direction?
  5. Why has the plant that has been in the dark started to rot?
  6. Why has the plant that was kept in the warm and water daily wilted?
  7. What can I do to help my plants to return to being healthy?
  8. If I were to use plant food with my plants - what do you predict will happen and why? 


Once completed, email your investigation findings to me using the Kingfisher email.


Helping plants and seeds to grow

Bonus Challenge:


If you have any seeds at home can you plant them up and get them to grow?  You really don't need a garden or any fancy expensive equipment, some old toilet roll tubes, plastic bottles and some cotton wool do just as well.  You could try growing something simple like cress on the kitchen window sill in a used egg shell.  Get creative and have a go. I wonder if some seeds like certain conditions better then others?

Bonus challenge:


Can you label the parts of a real plant?  Obviously I do not want to go pulling up plants in the garden to see roots - but can you think of a way to show all of the parts of a plant without damaging it?

Top Tip - Think about seeds and a transparent (clear) plastic bag or bottle...