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Monday's Wake And Shake: Zumba Kids


Our phonics focus for this week is phase 3 vowel digraphs. Can you remember what a digraph is? That’s right it is two letters that go together to make one sound.

Today’s vowel digraph is ‘ai’

(click on the image to take you to the website)


I wonder can you find objects in your house that have the ‘ai’ sound in them, maybe you could write labels for them. Or you could even sort the objects into those that have the ‘ai’ sound and those that don’t.



Your handwriting focus for today is to write your name. In school we have our own name cards which we use to self-register in the morning and we use them if we want to write our names. (like these ones). 

Why don’t you have a go at making your own name card at home? Remember you need to have your first name and your surname on the card. Then have a go at copying the letters yourself.



This week in Maths we are learning about capacity. Do you know what the word capacity means? It means how much a container holds.

I can imagine that throughout the day you speak about the capacity of objects lots, for example when you have had a drink from your water bottle and it is all gone, I am almost certain that you would say ‘it is empty’.

For today’s lesson I would like you to visit White Rose Maths and watch Lesson 2 “full and empty”:

You may also want to watch Lesson 3: Measuring capacity.

Your activity for today:

-Explore capacity in your home you may want to use water/rice/flour/sand or anything else that you can pour. I would like you to use different containers and investigate filling them to different capacities. Can you show me:



-Half full

-Nearly full

-Nearly empty

Perhaps you could write labels and match each one to the correct label.



Let’s begin by listening to a story:  ‘Tom and the Dinosaur egg’:

Tom and the Dinosaur Egg.

Wow, I wonder….what would you do if you found a dinosaur egg like Tom did? Would you go on an adventure with him? Would you take your dinosaur back home to his island?

Today, you are going to use your imagination and you are going to imagine that you have found a dinosaur egg!!! What would you do? What would happen next?

You can record this however you wish to, you may choose to lay it out like a cartoon strip, or maybe you want to make your own book.