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L.I. To use inference and prediction


Today we are going to look at one of Shakespeare's plays called 'Twelfth Night'. This play is based on the twelfth night celebration after Christmas, traditionally the 5th January. It was celebrated with food, music, songs and jesters providing entertainment.


Read the first page of the play below. 



Think about these questions:

1. What word tells us Seb and Viola are close?

2. Why did the captain tell her to disguise?

3. What would happen if she did not?

4. What would have happened if Viola did not enter the house?

5. Which word tells us the personality of Malvolio?

6. If there was more freedom as a man, how would Viola have felt?

7. What is going to happen next?



Once you have read the page, you are going to create a storyboard of the events from the first page. Pick the main pieces of action, draw a picture of the event and add a line of explanation. Below is a template of a storyboard you can use to retell the story. I have also included other links for you to use to help you understand the story. 

Resources to help!