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mail We'd like to know how you are getting on with your home learning and how you are. Please follow the link and complete the 2-minute survey:  
(If you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar)


Good morning Wrens, it is the first day of a new month today, do you know what month we are in now? Do you know what people call the first day of this month? Whilst we have been off school I have been enjoying reading, I am currently reading all of the Mary Poppins books, they are so imaginative and I always find it so interesting to read a book that has been made into a film and making comparisons. I love the film and all the fabulous adventures they go on, but the books have so many more!

I hope you have been finding time to read too! I was wondering could you tell me a little bit about a book you have been reading? I have uploaded a template for a book review and filled one in as an example (I am sure you will not be surprised about the book I have chosen, as I love to read this one to you all)

Please send me some of your completed book reviews so I can share them smileyOr you could send me a photo/video of you reading your favourite book.


Happy reading and don't forget this.....

Hello Wrens laugh!!

What strange weather we had this weekend, some bright spring sunshine, some hail, rain and even some SNOW surprise!! Did you see it? Can you name any other types of weather? Maybe you wrote about it in your diary.


I found this game to help you think about the weather:

And there are some great nursery rhymes on about weather too.....'I can sing a rainbow' 'I hear thunder' 'Doctor Foster' 'It's raining it's pouring' 'Incy Wincy Spider' 'We're marching in our wellingtons' (I have noticed lots of these are about the rain! Can you find any about a different type of weather?)


This week we were going to be learning about money in maths. We were going to be naming the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. I wonder if you could practise this at home?

Here are some ideas of activities you could do:

-Sort the coins.

-Play: or.... or....

-Set up a toy shop and write prices for the toys, can you have a go at making the values?

-Coin rubbing: put a coin under a piece of paper and go over it with a pencil or crayon.


Morning Wrens, it's Friday.....are you going to have fish and chips today?


This week in maths we were going to be learning about capacity this means; the amount something can hold.

These are some of the words we can use when exploring capacity:

nearly full, full, half full, nearly empty, empty.

We often use these words at milk time when we compare the amount of milk we have in our cup to others on our table.


I wonder can you explore capacity at home, it may be talking about how much drink you have in a cup? Or how much water in the sink? Have a practise of using some of these words to talk about capacity.


Here are some links to give you a helping hand: (Page 28-29) (there is a little video and a game where you need to order by capacity).

Pinterest also have some great ideas!


This is also a lovely idea I saw incorporating art and maths:



I wanted to share Erin's wonderful art work she did using objects she found in the garden. Thank-you for sharing these with us Erin. Can you guess the animals she has made?

I wanted to share Erin's wonderful art work she did using objects she found in the garden. Thank-you for sharing these with us Erin. Can you guess the animals she has made? 1
I wanted to share Erin's wonderful art work she did using objects she found in the garden. Thank-you for sharing these with us Erin. Can you guess the animals she has made? 2

Hello Wrens and welcome to Thursday!

I was thinking this morning how much I miss saying 'hello' and 'good morning' to you all, this then led me to think how many different ways there are of saying 'hello', can you say hello in another language?

I found this lovely song to teach us:


Challenge: Do you know another way? Can you write it? Which countries speak which language?


Maybe you could have a go at one of these online puzzles


Can you name the building/landmark and where it is? Have you seen any?




Today is 3 (three) days of school being closed, and I am wondering which number we will reach by the time it opens again. This got me thinking about counting and all the fun we have counting in class, here are some links for you to practise your counting at home, remember to practise counting forwards and backwards (you can practise this with one of our favourite songs: '5 little monkeys swinging from a tree' careful of the quiet crocodile!!). Also I wonder if you count objects at home, for example how many cars do you have? Or how many shoes? Maybe you could make a number line or record your findings. HAPPY COUNTING smiley (a game for you to play) (1 to 20 song)

If you would like to listen and interact with a story the 'Bookstrust' website is a great one, this is where you can find the 'Every bunny dance' story which we have listened to in class, remember to click on the stars and the light bulb at the top to get you thinking about the story.

This is also another great story where you can choose which language you would like to listen to the story in:

Hello Wrens and welcome to our class blog!

As of yet we do not know how long we will be off school for, that's why we have made you a pack of work and given you ideas of some great websites. We really want you to continue with all the great progress you have made so far this year, so please do all you can to continue your learning at home smiley


You will have seen today that we are adding lots of lovely things to Tapestry, this will happen daily and will consist of; a daily phonics lesson and a fun maths/Literacy/PE/Music activity. Also please login to Tapestry at 3.15 each day for story time with either myself or Miss Sutherland, if you want to read us a story that would also be lovely. 


Today is a beautiful sunny day and as I sat outside I enjoyed looking around at all the signs that Spring is on it's way. I wonder if you can spot any from your window, garden, or when you are out and about. Please email them to our class email so I can add them to our blog so everyone can see.

Have a listen to this Peter Rabbit story about springtime:


Remember to keep safe and keep smiling!


smiley SUNSHINE!!! smiley


I don't know about you, but waking up and seeing the sun shining makes me happy and it makes me very excited to go and spend a bit of time outside.


Today I saw this great idea that combines the outside, animals and art! I wonder if you could have a go at home....



Please email me any shadow art you do

Please email me any shadow art you do 1