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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Happy Wednesday everyone! We are half way through our week. You have all been working so hard this week. Keep up the great work. 

Wake Up Shake Up



Let's start our lesson by revisiting the rules for adding the -ing, -er, est, -ed, -y suffixes to root words.

Today we will be working on writing commands sentences, reminding the man what of needs to be done to look after our environment.  We will be collecting the commands sentences we have written and using them to make an informative pamphlet on looking after our Earth later in the week. 


Choose a warm up by clicking on a picture. Then complete the lesson for your year group.


Year 1 Maths

Today we are going to be representing numbers within 50 using tens and ones.

Year 2 Maths

Today we are going to be drawing pictograms.


Focus your body and mind by following the Cosmic Yoga videos.

Collective Worship

Click on the candle to view the Collective Worship for today.