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Wake and Shake:

For today’s wake and shake you are going to need careful listening, watching and remembering. It is Frozen themed one where you have to do an action for each character.

Have fun!

Frozen 2: Make Your Move

Phonics: Today’s digraph is ‘ar’

Can you remember the alphabet song from yesterday? It is quite a fast one I wonder if you can join it with the whole song:


Today’s lesson is ‘Lesson 18 ar (car)’:

After watching the video, maybe you would like to try one of these activities:

A board game: you need to read the ‘oo’ and ‘ar’ words.

BBC bitesize ‘ar’:

Draw objects that have the ‘ar’ sound in them, for example ‘car’.

Make a hopscotch game: write words with ‘ar’ on paper lay them out on the floor, throw a small object to a word, jump to it and read the word.


Handwriting: Letter k

Before we start handwriting, have a go at some dough disco:


Now, how do we write a ‘k’? Watch the video below and look at the flashcard to help you.

Extension: Can you make a ‘k’ shape with your body?

Letter k

Still image for this video

Maths: Live TEAMS session at 10.30am

Our learning intention for Maths today is: To explore different ways of making 6.

To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: Make the number 6 using smaller numbers, use the vocabulary of adding, count all objects to find the total, and record your findings using marks that you can explain.

Yesterday, we were ordering and counting objects to 6. Your activity for today is to use the template or draw your own ladybird.

I then want you to make yourself 6 spots and have a go at arranging them in different ways to make 6. For example, you may have 5 on one side and 1 on the other when you count them all you still have 6.

How many different ways can you make 6? Remember to record your findings, this may be by taking a photo, writing the numbers, or even using the + and = symbols (see the example below).

Extension: You will need someone else to play this game with you. One person puts some spots on the ladybird, can you work out how many you need to add to the other side to make 6? Take it turns to try.


Which dominoes from this set make 6 when you add the number of dots together.

Physical Development

Before we start the main part of our lesson today, let’s warm up.

You can either do the warm up song:


Play this game: Up, Down, Stop, Go

When a grown up calls out the words this is what you need to do:

Go: move in the way you are told to (run, jump, hop, skip, march)

Stop: Freeze

Up: Stretch up to the ceiling/sky.

Down: Sit or lay down.



Today we are focusing on making shapes with our bodies. This morning we already had a try at making a ‘k’ shape with our bodies.

Can you use the flashcards and copy the moves?