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Lesson 20 (short lesson)

Lesson 20: reflection

In this lesson you will:

  • reflect on the precepts within Wonder
  • reflect on your attitude toward others
  • reflect on beauty



Now that we have finished the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, I wonder if this has made you think about the way that we treat others.

Are there any children at school who you wouldn't want to be seen playing with because they're not 'cool' ?  If no, can you think of anyone who others treat in this way?

What is it about them that makes them 'uncool' ?

Do you treat different children in different ways? Why?

Have you ever changed your behaviour, your hairstyle or clothing just to be more popular?


Take a moment to think about these questions. You don't have to write down the answers if you don't want to and I would certainly not want you to be sharing the names of children who you think are 'uncool'. I do want you to write the answer to this question:


In what ways has Wonder by R.J. Palacio changed the way you treat others?

What will you do differently from now on?


Thank you