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Term 5:  The Anglo-Saxons


Imagine this...  You are staring out of your window, hoping and willing something, anything to happen.  Lockdown is so boring!  Suddenly, a blue box with a flashing light appears in your street.  The Doctor - a stranger from another dimension in time in space, opens the door (you recognise them from TV!) Stepping outside the box, they catch you gazing out of the window and wave at you.  You wave back. The Doctor beckons you to come on an adventure through time, gesturing for you to join them.  You grab your coat and door key and shout "I'll see you in a bit..." to the people at home and shut the front door.  With your heart pounding in your chest with excitement, you sprint to the blue box (you know it's the TARDIS) and the adventure begins... Your first destination back in time is to AD449 the start of the Anglo-Saxon period of history...

Anna's Newspaper Report



In term 4 Mr Webster looked at mosaics with you.   You started to make Roman style mosaics in groups and they looked fantastic!


To link this to our history topic on Romans I would like you to do the following tasks:


1. Exploring Mosaics

Looking at examples of Roman mosaics and reading and learning about who had these and what they indicated about the owner’s place in society.

2. Making a border

Study the borders of mosaics, and start to design a border for your own mosaic.

3. Researching Roman mosaics

Carry our further research into the different types of Roman mosaic and what they depicted.

4. Designing a central motif

Designing a Roman-style mosaic and use mosaic techniques practised in school to create your own mosaic.


I would recommend that you search Roman Mosaics on the internet and see what types of images you find.  may help you to research the Romans and help direct you towards who would may have had a mosaic.



Can you make a Roman Style mosaic for our class birds?


Create your mosaic and take a picture of it and email it to our class page and see it published here: