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Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Drama, role play and reading aloud

In this lesson you will

  • Ask questions which are based on the text
  • Imagine how a character would respond to those questions (based on the text)
  • Ask questions based on your own point of view


By this stage, you should have read up to the end of The Performance Space. If you haven't, you need to catch up before you continue. Check lessons 1-3 for copies of each chapter, or you can listen here. If you are up-to-date with your reading, go back and reread The Grand Tour and The Performance Space.


Draw a table with 3 columns and add the name of Jack Will, Charlotte and Julian to each column: make a note of how each character reacts to Auggie. What does this suggest about them?


I have started so you can see what to do.



Jack Will


Seems kind-hearted and looks for the best: when Julian says that Ms Petosa is really strict, she corrects him and says otherwise.


Isn’t afraid of standing up for himself: tells Julian to let Auggie into the classroom to look.

Seems a bit arrogant: he leads the way at first.


Doesn't want to touch Auggie: what does this suggest?


If we were all together, we would complete a hot-seating exercise where you would take on the role of each of character and respond to questions from the class. 


As we are learning from home, I would like you to start by writing a list of questions for Charlotte, Jack Will and Julian, based on the way they react when showing Auggie around the school. Ask then about their thoughts and feelings towards Auggie and how they respond to his disfigurement. For example, you might want to ask Julian, Why did you quickly move out of the way when Auggie came near you?


When you have written four or five questions for each character, choose one of the characters, and draw a picture of them in the hot-seat. Write each question and show their reply in speech bubbles (remember to write what they say first and then draw the speech bubble around that).