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Tuesday 21st July 2020

Good morning ABC and a very happy Tuesday to you all!


I cannot quite believe that it is almost the very end of term 6 and our very strange school year.  It was lovely to welcome back some of our families yesterday and talk you through the arrangements for September.  We hope to see more of you today and tomorrow too.


Today's blog theme is about reflection.  One of the tasks I set myself at the beginning of the year was the challenge of learning to play a flute - sadly due to lockdown I have not been able to continue with my lessons which has been frustrating.  I also have not been able to sing with my Rock Choir friends either - and I love singing - as many of you know.

If you follow the link below you will find out lots of details for the Kent Day and Night festival, which is a 2 week virtual program of all activities music based running from July 25th through to August 8th 2020.  Do have a look and why not have a go at something new.


I have also added a word document with 4 different activities for you to have a go at today based on the quote "We have travelled to same storm, but in different boats"


Have a lovely day, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.


Miss Copley

Monday 20.07.20

For the last week of term, we are sharing our blog entries and activities: today's blog has been written by Mrs Bourdillon and you can find it here


Happy Friday everyone!

It seems very strange to be writing this blog today.  It feels very much like our final full day together as a class before we begin our transitions to our new classes, hubs and bubbles.  So, that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for making my time this year in Kingfishers Class a joy.  You have made me smile and laugh so much - watching you mature and become even more knowledgeable has been a great privilege.  I know that the year 4 children moving up to year 5 will have an amazing year next year with lots of fun activities mapped out to keep us busy - and a few good surprises along the way, and I have to say the children moving from year 3 into year 4 have got some amazing topics and learning adventures coming your way too!

So for now my dear Kingfishers it's cheerio, not goodbye and I will see you again very soon. 


Today is the final Friday of term 6.  This weeks Kahoot quiz:


Game PIN: 03539586

Take care

Miss Copley



Happy Thursday everyone!

All work is on the website class page under the subject tabs.  Do have a go at the Dragon's Eye poem and design and make a dragon's eye from clay or salt dough.


Take care and have a lovely day


Miss Copley


Happy Wednesday everyone!

All tasks are on the web pages under the subject tabs ready for you to open and complete.  This week's wellbeing challenges have a fun challenge theme attached to them.  Take a look, have a go and have lots of fun with your friends and family.


Have a good day, Take care

Miss Copley


Happy Tuesday everyone!


"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"  said the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland - and today I know how he feels - I'm late adding our blog. 


We are busy at school preparing plans and power points and activities for all the different bubbles and thinking ahead to next year.  This is not quite the end of term I was expecting...


Today's tasks are on the website waiting for you.


Have fun and stay safe


Miss Copley


Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome to the last full week of term - wow what a year it's turned out to be!

You should have received a letter in the post to tell you who your new teacher will be in September.  If you are in year 3 going to year 4 your teachers will be Mrs Bourdillion, Mrs Irvine and Mr Hazelby.   If you are in year 4 moving to the upper school and year 5 your teachers will be Miss Flisher, Mr Biddlescomb (who is new to the school) and Miss Copley.   We are all very excited to be welcoming you back as you have been missed and school is simply not the same without you here.


This week your English tasks are based on the book How To Train Your Dragon and Dragons in general.  Make sure you have a look at the Dragon Eye Poem and the Dragon's Eye Art and DT tasks - salt dough is very easy to make - you need 1 cup of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and water to bind it together to make it into a dough. To set your salt dough you need to bake it in the oven on a low heat for about 4 hours.

This weeks maths tasks for year 3 are capacity, bar graphing and pictograms and year 4 symmetry on grids.

Have a very happy Monday

Take care and stay safe


Miss Copley




Today marks the final day at ABC for our current year 6 children and also the last day of the most amazing and creative virtual sports week.  Today's final challenge is our school dance routine - AND I DID IT! - it took lots of practice and Miss Sutherland was very patient with the staff!  Follow the link below to access it:


It's Friday which means it's Kahoot quiz day.  To enter this week's challenge you need Game PIN: 02636026  go to​ to play. 


Remember to check on the tabs for work tasks for all subjects and to email us some of your work and messages.

Have a lovely weekend when it arrives

Take care

Miss Copley


Happy Thursday everyone!


How did you get on with yesterday's Tik Tok Challenge - I'll admit I almost gave up - I laughed so much trying to copy it!  Today's challenge can be found following the link:


Today's English and Maths tasks are waiting for you under the subject tabs on the class pages.  For science this week you should be dissecting flowers to find the reproductive parts and explaining how plants pollinate and reproduce to make seeds.


The end of term is fast approaching and we are all starting to feel tired and exhausted, but please do keep up with your learning from home and remember to send in photos of your work - we love seeing what you have been up to.

Have a great day and take care


Miss Copley


Happy Wednesday everyone!


Today's sports challenge can be found following the link:


Todays English and Maths tasks can be found under the subject tabs on the class pages.  For RE this week you will be learning about symbols and meanings in Sikhism.


History this week focuses on the topic of law and justice in Anglo-Saxon England and Viking England - you will be comparing both and deciding which period of time had the better - kinder more understanding ways and means of keeping the peace.


Geography is looking at how London has grown through the ages.


Remember to take a look at our wellbeing challenge for this week. 


Have fun and stay safe

Miss Copley


Happy Tuesday everyone!

Today's sports challenge is ready to view:

How did you get on with yesterday's balancing cup challenge?  Did you get wet?


Today's English and Maths tasks are waiting for you under the learning tabs.  Have you seen the Ibiza Prom under the music tasks?  Have a look at the link to the BBC Ibiza Prom - the music is very different to a classical prom - how does it make you feel?


How are you getting on with your Viking Long Ships?  Have you sailed them yet?  Where was your maiden voyage - the kitchen sink?  The bath tub?  The shower cubical?  The paddling pool?  Did your ship float or did it take on water and begin to sink?


Have you checked out the have Art Builders Challenges? There are lots of creative tasks to do - have a look under the creative tasks and online competitions challenges tabs for more information.


Have a great day

take care


Miss Copley





Good morning and Happy Monday!

Today is my first day back in the school building and it feels great to be back - but somewhat sad that you are not here to join me - so I guess I will have to keep you busy online!  


This week we get to start our new book - How To Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) - I know Mrs Irvine has been so excited about this book as she loves all things dragon!  Head over to the Nightingales page to hear Mrs Irvine reading the book a chapter at a time.  Just like with Viking Boy, we have put up some activities to get you thinking about and talking about the book with your friends and family and some activities to help you develop your writing.

Our weekly maths is uploaded from White Rose Maths.  Please watch the help videos before you take on each day's challenges and remember that there is also Mathletics and BBCbitesize Primary available to help too.


This week we see the virtual sports week continue and we need to see your photos and videos.  Remember that we set you a montage task - this involves putting together lots of photographs or pictures you have draw of how sports week is going for you and your family and we would love to see these - so do email them in to the class page.


Have fun and be creative

Stay safe

Miss Copley


Happy Friday Everyone!

I've had a really super busy week this week and Miss Flisher's Sports Day Challenges have really helped my family and I get moving, get laughing and get competitive!  Even my neighbours have got involved - the toilet roll keepie uppies has almost turned into a street competition - and I'm in last place!  My children have laughed so much at me trying to dance and master Miss Sutherland's Tik Tok dance moves... But I'm determined not to give up!  Today's challenge is waiting for you... follow this link:  Good Luck - and come on the Green Team!


This weeks Kahoot quiz is live now and the game pin is 08562681 - head over and have a go.


Make sure you listen to the last of Viking Boy today if you haven't already finished it as next week Mrs Irvine will start reading How To Train Your Dragon - and I know she is just a little bit excited about that!

Maths tasks and challenges are waiting for you this week and you should complete the history and geography tasks that have been set if you haven't already.


When it arrives for you have a brilliant weekend

Stay safe - and if you are planning on getting out and about remember the social distancing rules.

Take care

Miss Copley


Happy Thursday everyone!

How did you get on with yesterday's standing long jump challenge for sports week?  Remember to email your progress videos to Miss Flisher to earn points for your team.  Today's challenge is toilet roll keepie uppies!  So to all our keen and able football stars - grab an unused toilet roll and see how many keepie uppies you can achieve.  Following the link to see Miss Flisher and Mrs Eades demonstrating what to do. laugh


English and Maths tasks are waiting for you under the tabs on the class page - Will Gunner avenge his Father's death?  Listen to the final chapter of Viking Boy to find out! 

This week for science we are investigating how water moves in plants - think about the role of the roots and stem in both planted and cut flowers.  Think about tall trees too - how does water get from the ground to the leaves high up in the canopy?  Do leaves absorb water from rain?  How do plants like Cacti get their water?  Have you managed to make a rainbow flower yet?

Sooo many questions - that's what I love about being a scientist - asking questions, testing my ideas, finding answers and having fun along the way.  Bonus marks to any pupil who can name and explain the scientific principle of water transport in plants!

Enjoy today's learning tasks and challenges.

Take care

Miss Copley


Happy Wednesday and welcome to day 101 of lockdown... will this ever end?

Yesterday's sports week challenge was part 1 of Miss Sutherland's Tik Tok dance routine - try as I might I just cannot coordinate my body - but I am laughing lots whilst trying!  Laughter is great for the soul and can really boost your spirits - so thank you to the ABC staff team for helping us all feel a bit better.


Today's challenge will be uploaded under the 1st July tab on the sports day tab. (How is it July already?) I wonder what we will be doing today?


English and Maths tasks are waiting for you under the subject tabs on the class pages.  This week's RE is focused on the Sikh Holy Book and the prayers it contains.  From your own religious perspective what would you pray for? What are you thankful for? How do you show this?


Remember to check out this weeks Wellbeing challenge on Kingfishers' page.


Take care

Miss Copley



Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Find todays Sports Week Challenge following this link:

As always your English and Maths tasks are waiting for you under the subject tabs on the class page.  Make sure you complete both tasks for today.  How are you getting on with the music lessons?  Have you made any new discoveries and formed any new tastes in music? (It is cool to like or appreciate classical music - lots of modern TV advertising songs and pieces of dance music have adapted pieces of classical music in them - check out car adverts!)  This week you should be building you Viking Long Ship.  Remember, as far as possible it should look and act like a boat (so it needs to float!) - I can't wait to see some photos and see how creative you have been!

Finally, make sure you head over to the Miss Flisher's Sports Week Challenge for today  - did you manage to beat Mrs Evans and Mr Newman in the press up challenge yesterday?

Enjoy your day and take care

Miss Copley

Sports Week Challenge 1:  Push Ups...



Happy Monday!  Welcome to Day 1 of the ABC Virtual Sports Week!


This weeks learning tasks are uploaded and ready for you to get started.  You have daily English and Maths lesson tasks to complete plus other subjects that you can choose to do on any day and in any order.  This week you should come to the end of Viking Boy.  Remember to complete the reading discussion and 1 written task per day.  Then in Maths, work your way steadily through the weeks tasks by watching the videos, and completing the accompanying tasks for that day.


What is really important is that you check out the Sports Day tab in the blue section on the main page and complete a sports themed activity today - every activity counts towards your teams final total- why not get your whole family involved?


Good luck everyone, come on all teams!

Miss Copley


Happy Friday everyone!

How are your mini Olympic events sessions going?  Have you discovered a new sporting talent?  Have you tried a sport you hadn't before and found a new passion? 

Yesterday I asked for your help to plan a science experiment to see if plants need water on hot days.  Have a look under the science tab on our page to see what happened!

If you take a look under the online learning and competitions tab today there are the first 2 new Art Builders challenges - lots of fun creative tasks that you can do from home or school.

This weeks Friday Kahoot Quiz is live - the theme this week is "Name that Book" head over to and use the gamer pin 0169626 to access this weeks quiz which is live until 3pm today.

Next week is the start of the ACB Virtual Sport Week - head over to the Sports day tab on the blue, children section on the main page to find out what exciting tasks and activities Miss Flisher has planned for us all.  Come on the Green Team!



Happy Thursday!

WOW - Yesterday was hot - but today is set to be hotter still!

Did you know that just like us, plants need to stay hydrated in the warm weather - gardeners will water their plants early in the morning on a hot day, or later in the evening - why is this?  What would happen to a plant or flower in hot weather if it didn't get watered?  That has got me thinking... How can I scientifically prove that plants take up water?

I need your help!

Can you help me plan out a science experiment that will prove that plants need water and to stay hydrated in hot weather.   I have the following equipment and resources to help us:

  • Some fresh cut white flowers
  • 3 containers to water in
  • 3 different colour food dyes
  1. What do I need to do?
  2. What do I need to keep the same?
  3. What do I need to change?
  4. How will I know if my experiment has worked  -what am I looking for or measuring?

I will run your experiment and post up pictures to show you what is happening.  If you want to run an experiment at home or school - go on have a go - (daisy flowers with long stems work well!)  


Remember to check out the class page tabs for English and Maths activities and tasks.  Have a look under the online events and competitions tab for information about an Art Big Build Challenge...


Have fun and stay safe in the sun

Miss Copley


Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!

It was very warm last night and it's set to be even warmer today!  Please make sure you stay hydrated and that you apply sun cream and wear a hat if you are outside today.

Today you should be continuing with your maths tasks and times tables practice.  You should also be listening to Viking Boy and completing a task from the chapter sheets that go alongside each reading.


This week in RE you are learning about different festivals in the Sikh calendar, when, where and how they are celebrated.  It would be wonderful to see some creative RE work from you - how can you present your knowledge in a fun, exciting and creative way?


This weeks Wellbeing task is a scavenger hunt around the home and safe places outside.  Do have a look and if you can, get outside for some exercise - its great for the mind and the soul.


We have some new challenges and competitions coming up this week, details will be posted on the class page in the next few days, one is an art challenge and one is a science competition... watch this space for more details!


Have a great day

Stay Safe

Miss Copley


Happy Tuesday!  Today is day 92 of lockdown - we have survived and adapted to this new normal for 3 months now...

Today you have your Maths and English tasks waiting for you under the subject tabs.  Last week you were set some music lessons where we wanted you to listen to different pieces of music and respond to them.  I've got Heart 90s Radio playing in the background here as this period of time makes me happy - because like you I was young and carefree.  Music has the ability to transport us to an emotional space that can leave us feeling happy, sad, tearful, jolly etc.  What is your go to happy song and why? What do the lyrics (words) to that song mean to you?  How does that song make you feel inside?  I'd like you to draw, paint, sculpt, act, sing or dance about how that song makes you feel.  Music is my release, my space.  I don't care what I sound like, look like or act like - when the music is playing my inner diva comes out!

YouTube is full of music - find your song!

For your Art/DT project this week you should be resourcing the materials you need to build your Viking Long Ship.  Make sure you raid the recycling box at home before it's collected this week - all materials should be clean and dry.  If you are worried about not having paint at home - can you make natural paints from plants and soils?  Experiment, but please ask before you remove any flowers from gardens or window boxes.

Have fun being creative and stay safe.

Miss Copley




Happy Monday everyone! laugh

The sun is already shining and feeling warm - welcome at last to summer!


This weeks learning tasks have been uploaded to the class page alongside the weekly timetable.  You should be approaching half way through Viking Boy, listening to a chapter a day, discussing the chapter using the reading question prompts and then completing one of the written based tasks.  You can always catch up by listening to a couple of chapters a day and then completing a written task for one of the chapters.

There is maths work up for year 3 and year 4 children.  Please do remember to complete each days tasks and use TTrockstars to practice your multiplication and division facts.  Mathletics is also available to help you gain that valuable sticky knowledge - especially in the trickier areas of maths.

MFL this week is to continue with the Spanish tasks we uploaded last week - how many phrases can say?  What number can you count up to?

History this week focuses in on King Ethelred II and the introduction of Danegeld.  Was he a wise King to pay the Vikings rather then fight the Vikings? 

As always we have lots of activities to keep you busy and keep you learning.  Please do complete what you can each day.  Remember that the tasks stay online so you can go back to something from a previous week if you didn't get chance to do it.

Finally - On the main school page, click on the blue Children tab. At the bottom of this list is a tab named Sports Day.  Today check out the Sports Day video Miss Flisher has posted up and you will find out how this years virtual games will run.  You will be competing in school and at home to win house points for your colour team - the more active you are - the more points you collect and the better chance your team has of winning the Sports Day trophy.  So who will the winning team be this year?  Red?  Yellow? Green? or Blue? We don't know it's up to you!

Good luck everyone

Stay safe in the sunshine

Miss Copley


Happy Friday everyone smiley

This weeks Kahoot quiz is live.  Go to and enter the game pin 01413492 to see how well you have paid attention in collective worship - name that song and guess the missing lyrics.  Mrs Irvine says sorry if you get any songs stuck in your head!

Our Rainbow PE Challenge when live last week (find it in the PE section). If you complete your rainbow, you can be entered into the Kent competition and you will receive a prize.  It would be wonderful if when we can be together again, we can celebrate your sporting success with a medal ceremony.  Details on how to enter are with the challenge sheets.  You parents can register you directly or you can ask for the school to register you, but we will need your completed Rainbow Challenge sheets kept safe so we can prove that you completed the challenge.  I have been nominated by a friend to complete the 25 push-ups for 25 days challenge to help raise awareness of mental health and how regular exercise can help you feel better.  Do make sure that you get outside each day, enjoy the fresh air and take a break from all the screens; TVs, laptops, tablets and phones - and remember to get your 5-a-day and take in the beauty of the real world - not just the wonder of the  virtual one.

As our week is drawing to a close, I hope you have had chance to access this weeks lesson materials.  Remember activities do stay live throughout the term and you can go back to any weeks tasks and catch up on anything you may have missed.

As part of our newsletter, we are looking for examples of writing from across the school and would love to publish something from our Year 3 and 4 hub.  You can be as creative as you like - it can be fiction, non-fiction or poetry based.  It needs to be neatly presented - either hand written or typed and should be correctly spelt and punctuated.  Do have a go - get creative and show us what you can do. 

Have a happy relaxing weekend went it arrives for you.

Take care

Miss Copley


Happy Thursday - all be it a soggy one!


How are you getting on with Viking Boy?  It was lovely to be able to read and record a story for year 3 and 4 to work from, but definitely not the same as reading to you live in school, in the classroom.  Do make sure you have a go at the reading and writing activities that match each chapter.  You will need to use pens, pencils and paper to complete these tasks.

How are you getting on with Maths?  It seems like Fractions are going on forever - but like with your times tables and division facts - the more you practice the better you get and the easier it becomes.  Those of you in year 4 will meet fractions, decimals and percentages lots in year 5 and in year 6, so make sure you spend time practicing now - you'll be glad you did. 


It has been 2 weeks since I started the seed and celery experiments in my kitchen and a week since I started the plant investigation.  The results are in!  The photographs for you to observe from and complete your science investigation will be uploaded on the Kingfishers Science page today - head over and take a look.  What conditions helped my plants to grow well?  Which conditions did the most damage to my plants - and how can you tell?  Why are some leaves going yellow?  There are lots of questions you can ask and answer based on observing the photos.  How can I now make my plants better?  How can I make them healthy again - what do they need?  Should I feed the plants with plant food - and what would you expect to happen? 


Have you ever stopped to notice how beautiful rain is?  I took a photo of the rain from the storm yesterday. Can you see the concentric circles?  Can you see bubbles?  Can you see the tessellation of the patio bricks? Can you see a puddle forming?  Today my challenge to you is to draw and colour rain - or to photograph it.  Does everyone see rain the same way?   Remember to send your art work to the class emails so we can see and enjoy your creativity.

Have a brilliant day

Stay safe

Miss Copley


Rainy days


Welcome to Wednesday!


This week for RE you will be looking at special places of worship for the Sikh community and learning about the special objects, colours, books, ceremonies and rituals that happen as part of the Sikhism faith.  There are resources to support this under the RE tab in the home learning section of the class page. 

  • What special places do you have in your faith?
  • Have you been able to go to or visit your special places of worship during lockdown?
  • How has your religious community coped with life in lockdown?
  • Are you able to return to your special place of worship from this week?


My Church family have run morning prayers via Zoom meetings and a text service, shared screens on Zoom and via email to share praise and worship messages.  We have run prayer chains via text messages and phone calls.  We have kept a family log each week that we will share when we can get back together face to face as a community.   We have interactive Sunday service via Zoom - one service for the adults and young people and a service for the children.  We have created food parcels and care packages for the vulnerable and elderly within our community and delivered them observing strict social distancing measures.  I wonder what you and your family have been involved with?


As always do send us updates via the class page of your progress or just to say hello and let us know that you are alright.  Remember to check out the Wellbeing Wednesday activity section for this weeks task.


Take care

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan



Happy Tuesday everyone laugh


It is a glorious day outside - so why not take your learning outside and enjoy the sunshine (remember to wear sunscreen and a hat and stay in the shade between 11am and 2pm).

We have added some music lessons for you to join in with.  They need you to listen to different types of music - some classical, some modern, some fast, some slow, some happy some melancholy.  We would like you to complete the tasks that match each piece of music.  Tasks can be found under the music tab.  Be creative in your responses and do send in videos and photos of your responses to the class email.  We love to see how you are getting on from home.

In this video of the Hymn Amazing Grace - 50 different languages are used!  Can you spot any you recognise?  Can you sing Amazing Grace in a language other than English?


This week is the Design focus week for your Viking Long Ship.  Remember the more ideas you have the more variety you have to select from for your final design.  What animal will be the focus of your ship?  Will it be a dragon, a Valkyrie, an Eagle or another creature - real or mythical?  What colours will you use on your main sail and why?  Will the sail be striped or have a logo?  How many oars will your long ship have? (apparently cotton buds make good ores- when they are pained up).


Lots of you have been enjoying the language lessons and we want to encourage the use of languages as much as possible - in a world as rich and diverse as ours a love of languages should be encouraged.  We understand that for lots of our families at Archbishop Courtenay Primary School, there are many different languages spoken at home alongside English.  World Stories is a free website that offers e-books in a variety of languages!  We would love for you to share this site with family and friends and enjoy the love of reading in any language.

If you feel confident to - could you video or record yourself reading a story in a different language so that we can see/hear you?  If parents / careers would be happy to read a story in a new language we would be most grateful if you would be prepared to share your language and stories with our school community.  As always do ask for permission to complete tasks that require recording and only send them using the secure class emails.  Parental permission will always be requested before any recordings go live on the website, and permission can be removed at any point.

Take care and happy reading

Miss Copley



Happy Monday everyone!

This week at school Year 6 are being welcomed back alongside Year R and the Key Worker bubbles.  I guess like me you are waiting and wondering if we will get invited back to school this year.  Currently that is a question I cannot answer with a definite yes or no, for now we just have to remain hopeful and continue to wait.

This weeks tasks are uploaded on the class page and ready for you to begin.  Lots of children in school and from home, had a go at the French lessons Mrs Hallihan prepared for us.  The feedback was great!  Many children enjoyed the tasks and activities and asked if they could learn other languages too!  This week I have prepared some Spanish lessons for you to try out.  Can you introduce yourself?  Can you hold a basic conversation with someone?  Can you count to 30? - Well try 10 to start with!  Go on - have a go and see how you sound in a new language.

This week for history you will be learning about some important Anglo-Saxon kings who ruled Britain at the time that the Vikings raided and invaded the country.  Can you tell me: Why was Alfred so Great?  and How is Athelstan remembered in history and why?  If you were a King or Queen - what would you be famous for and how would you be remembered in history?


Enjoy your day and stay safe

Miss Copley





Happy Friday wink


As always on a Friday, Miss Flisher has put together a Kahoot quiz for you to have a go at.  This weeks is titled ‘ABC’s where am I?’ game, and its Pin is 055593666.  Pop over and have a look – how well do you remember the school?


Also if you love football - have  look at this weeks White Rose Maths Challenge - they have teamed up with BBC Bitesize to set you a football themed task this week!


As the week draws to a close and we start to feel tired, today we would love you to do something sporty!  Mrs Hallihan wrote some PE themed lessons for this week which are on the class pages.  Can you create a new school style sports day event - or even a street sports day event if you are working from home? 

Every 4 years we have an Olympic Games.  The worlds greatest athletes and sports people get together to compete in their discipline and find out who is the best.  2020 was due to see the Olympics held in Japan, but sadly the games have been cancelled this year and hopefully will be held next year.

Can you research which years, countries and cities have hosted the Modern Olympic Games?  Did any years experience "events" that shook the world?  Have the games ever been cancelled before and if they have why?

For fun we would love you to create a mascot for the ABC Games.  Have a look at Mrs Hallihan's power point in the PE section to get some ideas for previous Olympic mascots.  Have fun and get creative!

Enjoy your weekend when it arrives

Stay safe and take care of everyone

Miss Copley


Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! wink


Today I need your help.  I have 4 healthy Geranium plants and I want to know where I should put them to help them grow strong and healthy. 

I am thinking: 

Plant A: I'll put one in the fridge where it is nice and cool

Plant B: I'll put one in the airing cupboard where it is nice and warm

Plant C: I'll put one inside a dark bag and leave it on the side in my kitchen

Plant D: I'll put one on the window ledge in my kitchen


I will give each plant water and leave them in their spaces for 1 week.


Make some predictions - what do you think will happen to my plants?   Will they all grow and be healthy?  What changes/differences would you expect to see after 1 week?  Which plants will be smaller?  Which plants will have yellow leaves?


I have also been busy this week seeing what happens to seeds if I give them water.  Check the science page for my photos and tell me what observations (when you look) you notice.  What do you think I need to do next to help my seeds grow into healthy plants?  E-mail me your ideas - and why not have a go at growing some seeds yourself.


Do some research into what conditions seeds and plants need to grow well and create an information leaflet to help me.


Have fun and stay safe

Miss Copley



Happy Wednesday!

Puffin celebrations are going well this week - I hope you are enjoying the activities each day.  I think I have almost perfected my cartoon dragons now and I have lots of ideas for some short stories. Check in each day to see what is happening and to join in the activities.


This week for RE we set you the task of coming up with an animated power point presentation about the 10 Gurus of Sikhism.  The following websites may help you to complete this task:


Remember to check out this weeks Wellbeing Wednesday challenge.

Take care

Miss Copley





Happy Tuesday laugh

How did you get on yesterday with the Puffin Dream Big activities?  If you missed them you can watch the videos on the Puffin YouTube Chanel and join in today.  Where did your adventure take you in activity 1?  What is your family heritage?  In activity 2 we were drawing dragons and castles  - how did you get on with this activity?  How creative did you get?  Remember to email over your pictures and stories.  Puffin are running LIVE activities all week at 10.30am and 3.30pm don't forget to tune in and have fun!


This week we have set you a 6 week Art and DT project.  This week we want you to research Viking Long Ships - what were they?  What did they look like?  What special features did they have? Please print off and complete the DT planning booklet each week - or keep an online copy and work on the computer.  The more ideas you can find the better your build could be!


Have you investigated Animate Arts?  They were the company who came into school back at the start of the year and helped you to make your good Samaritan card and paper portraits that are on display in the hall.  Do visit their website to see what kind of activities are on offer during lockdown.  You don't need any fancy expensive materials to join in - empty cereal boxes and Amazon packages provide lots of card and remember to raid the recycling at home - just make sure materials are clean and dry before you use them.

Check out the online learning tab for links to their YouTube videos that support their challenges.


Stay safe and happy crafting

Miss Copley




Happy Monday laugh everyone!

Today marks the beginning of the Puffin Publishers "Dream Big" week celebrating the joy of writing, illustrating, publishing and sharing stories for children.  Visit  I have published a timetable of online activities for the week in the online learning section of the class page - so you know when to log on to take part in activities - it looks like its going to be lots of fun.  10.30am and 3.30pm there will be LIVE activities with famous authors and illustrators.  Why not head over and check it out each day?

Today is also World Ocean Day 2020.  A friend of mine who teaches in Devon has challenged me to collect all the single use plastic I have in my house today to see who has more in their home.  Single use plastic can be very bad to our environment - especially if it gets into our steams and rivers and then travels to our oceans.   Have a look on the website and see if any activities grab your attention or your imagination.  We need to start protecting our planet today for it to still be healthy tomorrow.


All of this weeks learning activities are now up on the class pages - If you didn't get chance to start Mrs Hallihan's French lessons last week - do have a go at these.  You can also find more fun French activities on the BBC Bitesize website.


For History this week we are really beginning to delve deeper into the past and we would like you to create a Viking timeline and also linking to Geography, look at how Britain (as it was known then) was divided up and when and where the Vikings decided to invade - would you have taken the same places in the same order? 

Have a fun week.

Miss Copley 


Happy Friday!

This weeks Kahoot Quiz is now LIVE until 3pm.  To access the quiz you need go to the quiz pin is: 02039267.  Please leave your name and class in your quiz ID so we can identify the winner!


Great news  Mrs Irvine has fixed the beastly gremlins that lurk in my PC and has found a way to convert files!  Hooray and a gold star to Mrs Irvine - she will be uploading the Viking Boy chapters for this week to the class pages!  


PE challenge - how many keepie-uppies can you do with a ball?  Can you get better the more you practice?  What makes it easier to control the ball?  What makes it harder to control the ball?  Does the type of ball you use present a challenge?  Have a go, experiment and have fun finding out.  Let us know how many keepie-uppies you can complete in a minute.


Next week Puffin are celebrating 80 years of publishing books for children.  They have organised a weeks worth of events called "Dream Big" to celebrate.  There will be authors, illustrators, writing masterclasses, draw-alongs and creative challenges.  There will be 20 minute video lessons at 10.30am and 3.30pm each day which will include a creative activity for you to complete.  Remember to ask you parent/guardians permission before you log on to the internet.  Follow the link to get to the puffin are on the penguin website:


Enjoy the weekend when it arrives for you.

Miss Copley



Happy Thursday everyone!


Unfortunately we still don't have the Viking Boy files back to be able to upload them.  So, you may have seen that we added the first chapter to the book The Wyrmstooth Crown to the English section.  Today we will add the remaining chapters and Art, DT and Maths activities that accompany this book to help keep you learning as we wait for Viking Boy to arrive.  (There is a delicious recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake!)

Please do check the other activities on the weekly timetable and complete as many as you can.  Remember to be creative and enjoy your learning and email over photos and messages to the class email so we can see how you are getting on.

Stay safe.


Miss Copley and Mrs Irvine


Hello Kingfishers!

I have had fun reading and recording Viking Boy, but I'm waiting on files to be converted so that I can upload them onto the class page.  I don't know how long this will take but they will be up as soon as possible!

In the meantime I have added an e-book text and activities to the English section to keep you going.


I made an error when I was uploading the year 4 maths this week - Oops and sorry year 4's - Luckily for us Mrs Irvine spotted my mistake and has changed the files over for us (Yay!)


Have a look at the French lessons Mrs Hallihan planned for you - can you say hello and introduce yourself in French?  I would love it if you could email over something similar - where you say hello and introduce yourself to us in your own languages, it would be great fun to try and learn some new languages this term.


Have any of you found out about Viking Helmets yet?  Have a look at the following Websites for ideas: - how did the Vikings Fight? - who were the Vikings? - what was a “Berserker”? - interesting facts about Viking warriors


Remember to email over your work and photos we love seeing them.

Miss Copley and Mrs Hallihan

Good morning Kingfishers! Welcome to term 6!


Mrs Hallhan  is working full time in school with our wonderful key worker children and Miss Copley is in meetings so today you have Mrs Irvine writing the blog.  They both want me to assure you that they are still watching the emails and would love to see your work and hear your stories, so keep sending them to them at


Term 6 is all about Vikings!  Our new class reader, Viking Boy, is written by the same author who wrote Anglo-Saxon boy which we read last term.  Miss Copley will be uploading her recording of the book for us to listen to this term, but in the mean time, have a look on the English page where you will see the prologue of the book.  Think carefully about what you see in your mind when you read it and then write a description.  You might like to do the art work first today, draw what you think it looks like and then write about it.


Maths is subtracting fractions, following on from adding yesterday.  You are all very good at adding and subtracting when the denominator is the same, and your times table knowledge will be great for when you need to convert the fractions to equivalent ones.  Don't forget to practice on TT rockstars!

Then, if you haven't already, you can do the art - I know I suggested it yesterday, but as you didn't have access to the book due to the technical hitches in school, you couldn't do it.  It will go well with your English, one will help you with the other.


Have a great day Nightingales and enjoy the sun before it rains tomorrow!


Be good, be kind and be safe!

Mrs Irvine