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L.I. To edit and improve work with a focus on parenthesis. 


Watch the video below to recap parenthesis. 

Punctuation: Using brackets, dashes & commas to indicate parenthesis (KS2)

What will I learn? How to use brackets, dashes and commas to insert extra information into a sentence.Questions: What is parenthesis? What is the most formal...

Now try and fill in the blanks using parenthesis. 


Today is an opportunity to finish your Shakespeare fact file. We appreciate that you have taken care over your fact files so today they need to be completed and edited. If you have finished yours and submitted it, I have returned it with some feedback to help you edit and improve. 


When you are editing your work you need to ask yourself the following questions. 

1. Is my work my own writing?

It's very easy to fall into the trap of copying work from the internet as it's already there. But this is known as plagiarism and it frowned upon. Try to put the information you find into your own words!

2. Does my work make sense?

Read your work out loud to yourself or to someone else. Does it make sense? Have you missed words out? Do the sentences flow together? This is where you can check your information has been grouped correctly. Also, you can think about your sentence starters - do they all start with 'the' or 'William' or 'he'?

3. Have I used brackets, commas or dashes for parenthesis?

This is our SPaG focus this week so it would be a good idea to use it in your work! Have you used each type of parenthesis? If you haven't, try and include it in your work. 


Have a look at the work below to inspire your writing and help you create a unique fact file!