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Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a lovely restful weekend and are ready for our this week's online learning.  We can not wait to see you all in school next Monday!

It's World Book Day on Thursday the 4th March this year and we have some fun activities lined up for you.  We will be doing many of these activities on Thursday & Friday in the Key Worker bubble but you may choose to do one each day at home so we'll have the grid up each day for you to look at.        



Wake and shake


Phonics - Year 1

Spellings - Year 2

Today we are learning the alternative spelling for the 'ar' sound.


Today we'd like you to work with a talk partner and use the story maps you drew on Friday to retell the story  of Jim and the Beanstalk. You have 30 seconds to retell each scene until the time runs out then swap over to your talk partner or adult. Keep on going until all the scenes have been told.  You could use a variety of sentence openers to tell your story eg:-      

  • Once upon a time,
  • The next morning,
  • That very day
  • At the top of the beanstalk
  • In the end.
Now we'd like you to have a go at some shared writing with your adult or partner. We'd like you to write down the introduction paragraph for the Jim story together.  Below is an example of an introduction paragraph but you could choose to begin your story in a completely different way.


Still image for this video
Task: Now have a go at writing down the rest of your retell of Jim and the Beanstalk on your own.  Try out different ways to start your sentences so that it is interesting for the reader to read.

6 Ways to Start a Sentence

Year 1 Maths

Today we will be starting our new topic of Height and Length. Today we will be having a practical lesson to compare lengths and then will be making our own long creatures.

Year 2 Maths

Let's get started by warming up with a BBC Supermovers!


Today we are counting faces on 3-D shapes.

Religious Education

Today we are going to be retelling the Easter story. You can use drama and act out the story with members of your family or you can use the picture cards to sort and organise them to retell the story.