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1st April 2020

Happy April Fools Day Chaffinches!

You can read all about the history of this old tradition using the link below. Take ideas you like to make a comic strip or a poster about April Fool. You could even try making a timeline of some of the ideas showing the years they became traditions. What traditions do you celebrate?


I've also included today some practice with plurals. These are nouns for more than one e.g 1 child, 2 children. Children is the plural form of Child as there is more than one! There are different levels for you to try from easy to tricky! If you're not sure, use the website to remind you!


For maths , we are going to start looking at measurement. Today it's about length and centimetres,

How many centimetres are there in a metre?

Work through the power point first before answering the levels of questions.


Finally, something creative with art. A landscape is a place, This video will take you through the steps needed to create one of your own. Remember! Practice! Practice! Practice!

Have fun and a great day!

Mr Hazelby

31st March 2020

Good Morning Chaffinches!

Soon Christians across the world will be celebrating Easter and the big question for RE this term is:

Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Take a look at these 7 different Christian countries and have a look how Easter is celebrated there:

Find a map of the world and find the countries here. Are they close to each other or far apart?

What things did you find surprising about their Easter traditions?

As an activity, you could write about 2 of them showing how they are different.

Watch the Easter story about Jesus in Jerusalem for the Passover:

Think carefully, what is it about the story that is so important for Christians today that they celebrate it the world over?

Which parts of the story are sad and which are hopeful?

Have a go at making an Easter basket using these videos. You’ll need paper/card and scissors. Don’t forget a ruler!

Have fun!

Mr Hazelby

Monday 30th March 2020

A very good morning to you all and how are you?

First up: your 9 am PE training with Joe to get you wide awake and ready for the day!



Next you could practice some multiplication and division with the power point and the sets of questions. The questions range from easy to more challenging. Don’t try to do them all in the same day! Get something to write with and some paper to record your answers for the power point.


English today is all about using because and that to join sentences and make them more interesting-a simple and effective way to improve your writing! Use the power point and the questions just like the math. Can you think of interesting sentences of your own? Maybe about videos, TV you’ve seen or books you’ve read?

Finally, for science, some videos about animal habitats to watch.

You could make a list of important habitat words and draw pictures for them as posters.

You could design one of the habitats using cardboard, paints and junk you find around the house.

You could create your own animal and its habitat! What does your animal look like? What things does it have in its habitat to eat? To make a home?

You could see if you can find other information in videos or articles about different habitats. What interesting facts can you find?

Don’t forget to share via e-mail any of the things you’ve been doing in the last week and keep checking the class pages for more!

Have a great day!

Mr Hazelby



Dear Parents,

please use the link below to respond to the survey mentioned in the letter sent out today. It only takes 2 minutes! If you click the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar.

Many thanks,

Mr Hazelby


Happy Friday Everyone! The Weekend is here!

Today I've put on some spellings for you to practice, just like you would in class!

I've also put some ideas to help you learn your spellings, so give some of those a try-remember a little and often for these-it is better to take time on one or two words than all of them at once when writing them in sentences!

There's a power point about a famous explorer Francis Drake to look at as part of history. Look at it closely and note down main dates and important things he did then use that information to design an information poster about him. You could find out more by researching on the internet.

The inference practice is a little detective work-look at the things in the bin and see if you can work out anything about the owner. Discuss your ideas with an adult and write down your best ones before you look at the answers!

I've included a little science project to try at the weekend if you can find the ingredients, Take pictures of your project as you do it. What surprised you? What did you enjoy?

There's a geography booklet too. Look on google earth and add cities and names of countries to the maps.

Choose one European country and see what you can find out about it.

Above all, eat well and keep fit and healthy! Keep looking at Joe Wicks for fitness exercises and help your parents around the house. Even if the weather's dull, try and get out in the fresh air with your family for a walk. Have a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Monday!

Mr Hazelby


A very happy Thursday morning to everyone!

Have a look at these learning ideas: you've got fractions challenges, a few practices with apostrophes for contractions such as I've and She's and a set of instructions on how to make Rocky Road!

Make sure you share this last one with an adult as their help will be needed! You could even write your own set of instructions for a recipe or activity you like!

And of course there is the link to Joe Wicks' PE channel for kids which starts at 9 am.

It's important to practice and learn but don't forget to take breaks too and get outside to enjoy the spring, especially if the weather is fine!

Have a good day and happy learning!

Mr Hazelby


Good Morning Everyone!

Hope everyone is keeping well and looking at the resources on the class page-there's lots to try and links to help you keep learning!

Click the link below for some yoga! Good for your body and relaxing and you can do it in your living room!

Give it a go!

Don't forget that I'm able to answer questions from 9 am until 11 am Monday to Friday on the chaffinch e-mail or if you want to share any work you've done that you're proud of.

Keep learning and visiting the Chaffinch page,

Mr Hazelby

Good Morning Chaffinches!

I've put some links on your class page to help you with your learning and will be adding more this week.

Don't forget that you can e-mail me with any questions about your learning at:  

I will be online to answer from 9 am to 11 am if you have a question.

Have a lovely day and do try out some of the links I've sent!

Mr Hazelby