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Happy Thursday... not long to go until half term!

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Good morning everyone! Welcome to Thursday's blog. We have Miss Flisher in school today and Miss Copley and Mr B online. Find today's work below. 


Morning wake and shake

Take up the Daily mile Challenge HERE!


LIVE Lesson - Miss Flisher - Maths - 9:10am


Maths - 50 minutes

Today marks the first day of a long, but rewarding journey of fractions! We will start slow but by the end of the next few weeks, you will be fraction Jedis if you apply yourselves and try your best :-)


Make sure you tune in to today's live maths session at 09:10am and click the picture-link below for some further resources for our first session on fractions - it's going to be very practical!



Spelling - 15 minutes

This weeks spellings come from the statutory spelling lists.  These are words you should be able to spell and use in your writing. Go the spelling page by clicking the image below and then pick either bronze, silver or gold words. Your activity today is on the same page.


English - 50 minutes

This week we will be writing our own adventure narratives based off Shackleton's journey. Yesterday, we put on our author's hat and began writing our adventure narratives using our plans/timelines! Remember to have the audience in mind when writing your stories: who are your characters? What's going to happen to them? Have you planned out what will happen at the end of your story so you can work backwards from there? Try to keep your audience in suspense and give them enough detail so they can picture in their minds what you can in yours. Click the picture-link below to see more information and resources for your task and make sure to tune in to the live lesson at 11:00am!




There will be a pre-recorded video of Miss Copley reading the book which you will be able to find on TEAMS tomorrow. The picture-link is below!



Reading Skills

Today and tomorrow we are creating some space for you to complete your STAR reader tests. You should have received an email on yesterday from your class email with your login details and a link to the website. Remember to take your time with these, find a quiet space and the test should last a minimum of 15-20 minutes. If it's quicker than that it could be that you've scored quite low and will have less of a choice of books when you return to school. Good luck, take your time and enjoy!




In today's art lesson we will be illustrating our adventure narratives that we started yesterday! However, because art is our focus and not just 'drawing' we want you to observe some well-known illustrators and see their different styles. Try to let these inspire you! Check out the picture-link below for a video, pictures and resources to help you with today's art task.



LIVE Lesson - Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram - Nurture Group - 2:30pm