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3 Managing Change

Session 3: Managing Change


Think about changes that you have experienced in your life: it could be changing school, change in your family, changing your hair colour or changing the decor in your bedroom. How many can you list - big changes and smaller changes, important changes and less important changes?


A major change for me has been the COVID-19 lock down, not being able to teach in my classroom and having to adapt to new ways of learning. 


At first, we kept hearing rumours that all schools might close down and I was unsure what would happen. It felt strange to have to act as if everything was normal when inside I was confused.

Then, when the announcement was made and everyone was sent home, I thought, 'This will be - we can do this!' It was strange and exciting and new. I decided that it wouldn't have any effect on me - I could manage this!


As time went by, there was still lots of uncertainty and I felt very cross about schools closing, I worried for my class and I missed them. I was cross but I wasn't fearful. I missed 'normal' life!


I had lots of conversations with my friends and family and we reassured each other - I began to feel confident about the future.


We began to make plans at school, making sure the building was clean and safe, working out class bubbles and how to ensure everyone could learn. Having a plan felt good! 


Although we don't know for sure how things will turn out in September, I feel confident about the future and hopeful. 


Can you see how the way that I felt during the process of change matched the diagram showing change emotions? Can you match any of these emotions with a change that has happened to you?


COVID-19 has brought huge change to our lives.


Managing change can be easier when we have healthy minds and bodies.


Take care of yourself

Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and get enough sleep.When you are healthy, you are in a better frame of mind to handle anything.


Be open and flexible

Be prepared for change to happen at any time and be willing to step out of your comfort zone, even if it is only temporary.


Recognise your feelings

Some ups and downs are normal while you are going through change and that is ok.


Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask for help even if it just to talk about how you are feeling.



Have an action plan to help you to move forward


I wonder, can you control change?



Do you agree with the following statement?