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L.I. To present and act out my playscript


Today you need to finish your playscripts and then you should be in the position to read them through and act them out! Look at the tasks below for your work today.


First task, make sure they are finished and polished off. Use the previous lesson to ensure you have everything that you need for the actors to be able to perform. 


Second task, perform them! I know some of you worked in a group so you can video call on Zoom to perform them - each of you taking a character. Or you can perform them with your family. It would make for a lovely family activity to culminate online learning. 


Optional third task, record your performance. We would LOVE to see your play scripts performed by you. If you feel confident enough, record yourselves performing and send it in! There will be an assignment on TEAMS if you want to submit or you can email it to us. 


If you have worked on Zoom together, I would record the meeting for your performance. Alternatively, you can use this website to record your screen: (It's the website us teachers use).


If you did your playscript on your own, and you want to record, see if your family would like to join in or you can take on the roles and do a one-person-performance! You can use this website to edit and merge together videos: (Another helpful teacher website).


The third task is optional but again we would love, love, love to see you playscripts come to life! Good luck!