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For today's English lesson you will need your monologue writing from Friday as you will be editing and improving it!


You will need to read your work out load and listen for the following:

  • Do all of your sentences make sense?
  • Have you used the correct vocabulary and phrasing for the time of writing (remember its 1915)
  • Have you got a variety of conjunctions?


Next you will need to identify in your writing if you have any of the following types of sentences:

  • Simple sentence (Short sentence just a main clause)
  • Compound sentence (Main clause co-ordinating conjunction and a main clause - think sandwich)
  • Complex sentence (main clause subordinate conjunction and a subordinate clause)


Is your writing is missing any of Mr B's elements:


Have I placed any main clauses next to each other without a full stop to separate them or a conjunction/ or semi-colon; to join them?


Have I started any sentence with a subordinate clause (fronted adverbial) without a comma?

  • Punctuating clauses Watch this video to help you with todays lesson - sorry about the cheesy music!

Resources for Monday