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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Week 3 18.01.20 


Good morning! We are looking forward to another wonderful week of learning. From Monday to Thursday this week we are having a live Teams each day at 9:00am for TELLS and 11:30am for story time. Have a fantastic week and remember to email your teacher with all wonderful work! 


We are revisiting the sounds we already know before moving onto Phase 5. It is very important we do our phonics every day. In our lesson today we will be continuing to practise reading words with more than one syllable. 


Today we are going to look the ‘y’ alternative spelling of the ‘ee’ sound. Make sure you have a piece of paper and pencil to hand while you watch the Mr Thorne video. Write down each word, then add sound buttons to the words and practise reading them. What do you notice? 


Today we will be using our story maps from last week to plan our narrative of an imagination story. Watch the video below to to recall how to create a plan.

Within your plan you should decide on a character and what type of setting the story takes place. Your plan should have a beginning (introduce the characters and setting), middle (what problem happens) and an ending (How does it get sorted out) Use the planning sheet and your story map to help with your ideas. 


Complete a warm up on TTrockstars or BBC Supermovers to get ready for the lesson. Then watch the correct lesson for your year group and complete the work attached.


Year 1 

Today we are going to continue to subtract without crossing 10. 

Year 2

Today we are going to recap making equal groups by sharing.


Think about all the different types of weather that you see outside. Today we are going to be learning about how the weather changes. Watch the videos to learn about how rain and wind occur.

Choose one type of weather change to observe this week. Follow the instructions to create an instrument to measure the weather of your choice. Each day use your instrument to record the the direction of the wind or the amount of rain.


Respond to the class assignment on Teams with your completed weather diary on Friday. You may use the template below to record your findings.

Collective Worship

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