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Kaleidoscope Orchestra

Since today's learning is a music prompt I thought I would share this video of a orchestra who are staying at home but still making music together. It reminded me of our school values of Fellowship and Aspiration.

Jude has been practising his balancing skills at home

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Jude has been exploring his PE skills. Here he is using a low wall as a balancing beam to strength his core muscles and balancing skills.

Eddy is practising his phonics every day

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Phenomenal Phonics Eddy - keep up the great work!

Jude and Darcy have been using different units of  

measurement to measure things around the house, using mathematical language to compare which is longer/shorter, heavier/ lighter or full/empty. Jude created a table to classify and record his findings.


Edward has been exercising to Dinosaur stomp to keep healthy and active while he is at home

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Let us know you are doing to keep active and fit at home?

Viktor decided to measure the height and weight of his favourite toy. Viktor used toothpicks to measure the height of his toy. First, Viktor marked a line with his pen on a blank piece of paper, to ensure his measurement was precise. Second, after he placed the toothpicks on the paper, he saw that his toy was two and a half toothpicks long. To find out the weight of his toy, Viktor used our home scale. First, he measured his own weight, which is 23kg and 300g. After that he took his toy and measured his weight again. This time the scale showed 23kg and 900g. With the help of his mum, Viktor found the difference between the two numbers, and worked out the toy to be weighing 600g.

WOW - what fantastic investigating you have been doing Viktor. 

Darcy started off her week doing Yoga with her little sister before working on her home learning with her dad.  Darcy has been very busy learning new things at home with her family 


"We planted some seeds in our hanging baskets.
Darcy made a home for her Teddy and painted it.
Playing games, watching films and making loads of lovely memories."


I think making memories is probably the most important home learning you can do at this time children.  Thank you for sharing your memories with us Darcy

Measuring Investigation by Edward

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Edward has been investigating measuring at home using the kitchen tools. He explored and compare different ways to measure mass, length and volume.
Super learning Eddy!

Jude has written a brilliant postcard from the Jurassic jungle.  I particularly like the word choices he has made to describe the scene. I have to say it would tempt me to take a trip back in time myself, although I'm not sure I would be an brave as Jude hanging about near dinosaurs!

Bobby has been investigating measurement at home.  This is what his mum had to say about his learning.

Bobby measured the table side by using a pencil and a piece of string. 

He said that the table is 5 pencils long but only 2 strings long. He concluded  the string is longer than the pencil. 

After that he took a glass and a plastic bowl. He filled the bowl with 2 glasses of water and he decided that the bowl is larger. When both were filled with water the bowl was heavier and the glass was lighter. But when they are empty the glass is heavier.

Fantastic learning Bobby, I really like the way you used comparative language to describe your observations!

I have a mailbox full of exciting learning from Swifts today.                  First up are a selection of dinosaur  

skeletons made from pasta or ear

buds.  Don't these look fabulous. 

Well done VIktor, Darcy and Jude.



Here's what Darcy has to say about her learning  We made a dinosaur and did lots of talking and watched mad about dinosaurs. I really enjoyed it. My favourite dino is Diplodocus who lived 155145 millions years ago,  are 27m long, weigh 15 tonnes and eat plants.


Jude C has written a very funny poem about a messy Diplodocus who came to visit. 

I really hope it doesn't plan on coming round to my house!


Here's a great idea from Viktor for practising spelling and ordinal numbers in a creative way.


Here's Darcy using her phonics to blend words

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Well done Darcy ... keep up the great work.

Move over Joe ... Viktor is here to show Swifts how to keep fit

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Viktor is doing his PE every day to keep active at home .... why don't you follow his example and have a go too?

Jude C had sent in some photos of his super learning.  So far this week, in addition to his English and Maths learning, he has made a bug house, designed a poster on How Plants Grow, labelled parts of a plant and created a beautiful glitter picture.  Well done Jude.



Darcy has designed and labelled a beautiful flower for the

parts of a plant task and Bobby has been doing waterfall words to practice his spellings this week.

Great Learning Darcy & Bobby 


Sophie has been working on our Science topic today and has been planting seeds and bulbs.  It will be great to watch how they grow and change over time.   She has also created and then labelled this super collage of a flower including what it needs to grow.  Keep up the great work Sophie laugh


Eddy and Viktor have been trying out the different spelling strategies to help them learn their spellings this week. Here's what  Eddy and his mum had this to say about them:

".... great and fun ideas for keeping us motivated on spelling the days of the week. We really had a great time today ... here's  Edward’s writing with his opposite hand. He hopes to “make your day and make you laugh a lot about it!"  Well you succeeded Eddy  - I did laugh A LOT!!

Viktor used the words in a sentence 

to help him memorise his spelling.

I really like the way Viktor included ordinal numbers to describe each day's

position in the week! 


Super Spelling Boys yes


And last by not least a wonderful Dinosaur poem written by Viktor.


25.03.2020 Boris' Fantastic Dinosaur Poem

Still image for this video
Boris has been working hard on the poetry unit this week and has written a super poem about a dinosaur.
Can you guess which dinosaur it is?


I so enjoyed opening the class mail box to see emails from some amazing Swifts this morning.                Thank you for keeping in touch.    

Bobby, Edward and Viktor have done some super science learning. 

Here is Bobby's labelled diagram of a flower and Eddy & Viktor's  

posters on what plants need to grow.  Well done boys!