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L.I. To understand and record the geography of the world


Think about here you and your family are from and where some of you friends might be from. Are we all from the same place? Use an Atlas or Google Earth to find your family's country of origin and those of your friends. 

This is just one way that makes us unique from others. One aspect of our identity which makes us different from everyone else; a very important part of our identity. 


Find the following countries and mark them on the map below. One map has labels and the other doesn't, pick the map that will appropriately challenge you. 

 - England

 - Canada

 - Romania

 - Italy

 - South Africa

 - China

 - Germany

 - Brazil

 - Iceland

 - India

 - Australia


Which continents are these countries in? Can you name all 7?


We are now going to create a thematic map based on how many countries are in each continent. This is an example of a thematic map:

The different colours represent a statistic about that area. You are to create thematic map about the countries above and the continent they are in. 


First you'll have to create your key to show what the colours represent. Then you can start colouring the continents according to how many countries from the list above belong there. (For example, England, Romania, Italy and Germany are all in Europe, so you would colour Europe in a colour that represents 4 in your key.)


Use the documents above to create you thematic map and make sure you know where the continents are!