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Wednesday 13th

Wednesday 13th January 2021 



Good morning everyone! It’s hump day – half way through the week – how exciting. Find today’s work below.  


Joe Wicks Live at 9am or The Daily Mile.




We will begin Term 3 by reviewing our knowledge and understanding of Number and Place Value as this must be secure to help us with all other areas of mathematics.  


LIVE Hub geography session at 10am with Miss Flisher


WARM UP: (Click on the image to go to the webpage!) 



MAIN LEARNING: Number and Place Value (multiplication) 


If you are completing Silver or Gold tasks today, don’t miss the video/cheat sheet on the mains maths page of each class to help with this tricky 2-digit multiplication method! 


Bronze – This is aimed at those who need a bit of a recap on missed learning -   Check out the videos and see the questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. ‘Wednesday Bronze Questions’ 

Silver  - This is aimed at an expected year 5 standard. Check out the videos and see the questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. 'Wednesday Silver Questions’   

Gold – This is aimed at those who need a bit of a recap on missed learning -   Check out the videos and see the questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. ‘Wednesday Gold Questions’ 


(Click the blue font to go straight to it!) 



This week we will be continuing with our spelling knowledge of homophones.  Tasks have been organised in the spelling folder on each class page to show Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Follow the link to the spelling page you will need week 2 work: 

Spelling | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School 

Bronze tasks are a recap and consolidation of key words and spellings 

Silver are Homophones aimed at Year 5 expected level 

Gold are Homophones aimed at Year 6 expected level 

Select the spelling level that will give you the challenge that you need. Then complete one of the tasks below to help you practise your spellings today: 


Sound sort – as Monday – different sound 

Spelling Games 

  • Hangman 
  • Create mnemonics 
  • Spellzone (website) games  
  • Which is correct? Give pupils various spellings of the same word. 

Pupils practise under Wednesday on the sheet. 



Yesterday, we found out that Shackleton needed to buy his ship for his expedition and your task was to begin to create a leaflet to encourage him to buy the ‘Polaris’. If you haven’t read yesterday’s daily blog yet, do so now. 

Task today: 

As you continue your leaflets today, can you use persuasive language to encourage Ernest to buy the ship? 


Read carefully the following double page spread from Shackleton’s journey and any words in bold you are unsure of check out the glossary in the second image. You’ll need to create a pamphlet/sales leaflet this week to give to Shackleton to convince him to buy your boat! You’ll have two days to complete this! You’ll need to use a mixture of facts from the image below and your own opinion. E.g. “The bow is 1.3metres thick which is especially strong (fact) and will surely smash through any ice that gets in its way (opinion because it isn’t proven yet).  

Feel free to add diagrams to your leaflet and fold it into different styles: 

If you are struggling to read the detail on the ship-building page, please view the original here:


LIVE Hub reading session at 12pm:  Wolf Wilder read by Miss Copley


Collective worship 

Follow the link for today’s collective worship: 

Term 3 | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School ( 

You will need to look in week 2 and find Monday’s Collective worship power point to take part. 


Wider curriculum 

This week we will be looking at day and night in the Polar Zones, follow the link below to go straight to the lesson on your page.  

LIVE Hub Nurture Session at 2:30pm: Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram


Reading skills 

Read the text below. We are going to be working on our text marking skills today. From the text I would like you to note all of the features you see. To start, can you find: 

  • Speech marks 

  • Fronted adverbial of time 

  • Dash 

  • Semi colon 

  • Noun 

  • Verb 

  • Clause 

What else find you find? Can you think of another feature that no one else has found? 

Now take this part of the text and change the verbs to make it your own! Everyone should end up with a different text. Send it into your teacher to see how different they are!  


He listened. Outside the wind was howling. After a moment he closed his eyes again. “It must have been the wind,” he said to himself. “Only the wind.” But no sooner had he closed her eyes than he seemed to hear the voice again. He got up, knelt by the hole, and stuck his head out. 


Then find ‘Ice Palace part 7’ as read by Miss Flisher.