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Thursday 4th February 2021

Welcome to a terrific Thursday! I hope you are all up and buzzing to learn today.  We have a live lesson at 11 on dialogue and speech, using those pesky inverted commas, and then at 1pm we have our PSHE live focussing on Big Dreams.  This afternoon is PE, so put on your kit and lets get going!

Lets start with a warm up with Squatchy Rock




Year 3:  

Convert pounds and pence


Year 4:

Rectilinear shapes are a bit tricky sometimes, so we have included some extra practice here.

This is the video from yesterday, you can watch it again if you need a reminder.

Perimeter of rectilinear shapes


Mrs Bourdillon’s Group :

Draw Pictograms (2, 5 & 10)





These are your spelling for this week;

accident, believe, certain, describe, eight,

February, heard, island, notice, probably

Can you unscramble the letters?

adehr                                    _ _ _ _ _

lbpoyarb                              _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

vibleee                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _

hiegt                                     _ _ _ _ _


Can you work out the words from their meanings?

any event that happens unexpectedly                                           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

a tract of land completely surrounded by water                         _ _ _ _ _ _

to tell or depict in written or spoken words                                 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _





These are your spellings for this week;

scene, seen, mail, male, bawl, ball, leek, leak, flour, flower

Can you unscramble the letters?

labw                                    _ _ __ _

welorf                                 _ _ _ _ _ _

ceesn                                  _ _ _ _ _

rlopu                                   _ _ _ _

Can you work out the words from their meanings?

letters, packages, etc., that are sent or delivered by means of a postal system                _ _ _ _

to cry or wail lustily                                                                                                                       _ _ _ _

an unintended hole or crack, through which liquid, gas, light, etc., enters or escapes    _ _ _ _

SPAG: Dialogue and speech


Live lesson 11 am - dialogue and speech

Have a look at this Bitesize clip about using inverted commas (speech marks).


Have a go yourself, draw a quick cartoon character, and put some speech in their speech bubble.  Don’t forget that it is what they say in the speech bubble and include punctuation.  Then re-write it using inverted commas, which go around only what the character says. For example



 “That pyramid is enormous!”  said Ryan.

Note the punctuation which is inside the speech bubble goes inside the inverted commas.

Try to do at least three, but don’t repeat the word ‘said’.

Reading Skills

Read the following text a few times to an adult then answer the questions that follow it.

Lets have a brain break with some PSHE


LI To draft the opening of a story creating settings characters and plot

The Phoenix Code by Helen Moss

Today we’re listening to chapters 31 and 32 of the Phoenix code told by Mrs Irvine


Look back at your plan from yesterday – today we are going to concentrate on the first couple of chapters of your story, the first two sections from your plan, the introduction and the build-up.  This is where we introduce the characters and the setting and begin to weave the story.  If you missed the live lesson, it has been recorded, pop over and watch it if you can.

When you are writing from a plan, you need to flesh the plan out.  So, if your plan says ‘set in ancient Egyptian desert’ you need to write about the sand, the heat, the lack of water etc.

An example:

Plan –

Intro – set in Egypt, Lapis and Horemheb are temple attendants going to temple in early morning.

Build up – Lapis is hot but sees something in the distance coming towards them – no one should be out there.


It was horrendously hot, despite being early.  Lapis shook the scorching sand out of her shoe and squinted in to the distance.  nothing for miles except hot, dry sand.  How was anyone supposed to enjoy the trips to the temple on the other side of the desert?

She looked sideways at Horemheb.  He didn’t even look as if he was breaking a sweat, standing there in his blue galabaya and shaal.  She, on the other hand was dripping, despite hers being white to reflect the heat.  She should be used to it now, she had been doing it daily for six months as part of her new job as a temple attendant, but it wasn’t getting any easier.  She would have to ask Horemheb what his secret was, but not now, not until they were out of the devastating sun.

As she squinted her eyes, she spotted a dust cloud on the horizon.  there shouldn’t be anyone else out here this early, no-one should be near the temples. The dust cloud was coming closer headed straight for them.  There was no-where to hide!


(For the names of the characters, I googled ‘egyptian names’ and chose two I liked.)

Live lesson @1pm - PSHE  and Q & A

Wider Curriculum: PE

It's Joe with another 20 minute workout! Choose one from the list. Watch and have a go! Remember to follow Joe's warm up and take a break when it gets tough! Drink plenty of water after exercising! Record your PE in photos or a video for the class pages!





For an additional challenge, remember last week we thought about pathways and travelling, this time we would like to see if you can add a roll in to your movements.  What sort of rolling movements can you do.  Be safe while you are trying them, ask an adult to help you if you are struggling.  Don’t forget to send a photo or video of you to your teachers to celebrate.


Nearly the end of day. Now it’s time for a little quiet, prayer and reflection with our Class worship. Click the candle.




Time for a story to finish our day. Click the image and choose one to read.



Congratulations and well done on a fabulous Thursday.  Don't forget there are lots of wellbeing resources on the hub page, just click the sunflower! 


And remember to send your work to the class e-mail address or on the Teams assignments so your teacher can celebrate your amazing work with you!

Mr Hazelby  Mrs Bourdillon  Mrs Irvine