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Wake and Shake:


Good morning! It’s Friday! Can you keep up with this Zumba kids today?



Phonics: Review of the week

This week you have all worked very hard on learning the digraphs: oo/oo, ar and ur. Today for phonics you are going to review all your learning from the week.

‘Lesson 20: Review of the week’:

After watching the video, maybe you would like to try one of these activities:

-Play a game of splat! Have all the digraphs we have learned written on flashcards. Get a grown up to call out a digraph and race to splat it.

-Put the digraphs up in different places in a room. Get a grown up to call out a digraph and run to it (you may even choose to travel in different ways to each one).

-Visit: or for some games.


*Please note this has changed from the weekly overview*

Warm up: You will need a ribbon, or a scarf, or anything you can twirl whilst you dance:

Yesterday we practised drawing different lines, today we are going to practise some more! Remember before you practise writing them with writing equipment why not have a go at making the shapes with your arms.

These are the lines I would like you to practise today, and there are a couple of ideas of how you may like to do this:

Literacy: To explore rhyming words.

To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: understand what a rhyming word is, continue a rhyming string and use your listening skills to identify rhyming words.

Yesterday, we heard the story of ‘Each peach pear plum’, we listened carefully to the rhymes we heard in the story.

Warm up: Watch the video and play along.


Still image for this video

Your activity for yesterday was to go on a rhyme hunt in your home to find objects that rhymed with words I gave you.

Now that we understand what rhyming is and can think of rhyming words. Today I would like you to continue to explore rhyming but the step further is to make a rhyming string (can you think of more than one word that rhymes with a word I would like you to try and find 3 or 4 words for your rhyming string).

Here are some activities you might like to try.

1)         Rhyme Sort: Choose how many pots you would like. You could then use objects, pictures or words and sort them by rhyme.

2)         Rhyming basket: Find objects in your home that rhyme, collect them in a basket and sort them by rhyme.

3)         Rhyming jars: Think of a word, then write all the words that you can think of that rhyme with it on a stick (or it could be paper).

4)         Rhyming paper chain: make your rhyming string on a paper chain (some may be longer than others).

5)         Rhyming ring toss: One idea for this is you could write a word or stick a picture on the bottles, when you throw the hoop onto it can you say a rhyming word. Or you could have pictures or words on the rings and you have to throw them to the correct bottle with the rhyming word on. Tip: the rings are made out of paper plates!

Religious Education: The parable of the Leaven (Yeast)

Can you start by making yourself really, really small? Can you curl up to and make yourself the smallest that you can be? Next, slowly stretch up and out until you are really


I wonder do all things start off small? What do you know that starts small and then grows to be big? Sometimes the tiniest of things can grow in really surprising ways!

Have a look at the picture of the ingredients, do you know what they make?


Do the ingredients make the same type of bread? Some breads need to be unleavened

(without yeast) like pitta, flatbread or tortilla wrap. Some leavened (with yeast) like sliced

white bread, rolls or unsliced bread.

There’s a special story about making bread in our book that Jesus told. Here it is: or if you have a Bible at home see if you can find this story in there and read it.


After listening to the story: What did you like? What were you surprised/puzzled by?


This story shows us that Jesus said God’s kingdom is like the yeast and that Christians believe God’ kingdom can grow with every small act based on their faith. From this I would like you to think about how small acts of kindness/friendship/caring can make a big

impact to the person who receives this.


Some activities you may like to try today:

-Making/tasting different breads with and without yeast

-Mix yeast with warm water and sugar and watch it create bubbles.

-Drop food colouring into water and watch it spread

-Mix different coloured playdough

-Mix different coloured paint – a drop of red into white to change it all to pink

-Plant seeds

-Grow mustard and cress

-Blow bubbles

Understanding the world


Choose of the activities from the list to try today. There are some that you could probably link to one activity, for example you could make binoculars and take them on a walk with you to help you find certain objects.