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8 Show Appreciation

Session 8: Showing Appreciation

It would be helpful if you could complete this session with an adult or an older sibling who is happy to talk with you and work through the session. If there is no one available to talk with, jot down your responses after you have thought carefully about the questions.



Look at the following idiom: what do you think it means?


This idiom is used to communicate that, however bad a situation might seem, there is always a good side to it.



What's the connection?(click)



Think about a difficult experience you have had.

Can you think of some positives that came out of it?

Feeling positive


How do you show appreciation?


How does it make others feel?

How does it make you feel?

Why is it important to show appreciation?



Sometimes we forget to show our appreciation. This is known as ‘taking things for granted’ – we get used to people or things. One reason is because we get into habits about how we behave or what we do and don’t stand back to reflect on their value or importance to us.


Think about a time when something happened and it made you appreciate someone or something more than you did before.