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Lesson 11

Lesson 11: investigate how a character changes throughout a story

In this lesson you will:

  • Use the text to suggest how other characters view Auggie

  • Describe changes in this

  • Use the text to compare Auggie’s character at this point compared to the beginning of the book 


You should have read up to the end of Part 5: Justin Olivia's Brother to The Universe . Take the time to catch up with your reading now if you need to. You'll find the latest section in Lesson 10. You can listen here.


In Lesson 5, you drew a character profile of Auggie, placing his name in the centre of a circle and writing internal and external characteristics as well as writing how other characters in the story perceived Auggie. Find that piece of work - you'll need it for today's lesson.


Take a look at your work: how much of the way that you described Auggie is still true? Has anything changed in the way that others perceive him? Does he see himself any differently now compared to nearer the beginning of the story? How have your perceptions of Auggie changed? Take a few moments to reflect on this.


Either create a new set of circles, or add to the work you have already done (using a different colour). Think about the information we have since learned about Auggie and what we have learned about other people.


We now have a complex (very detailed with lots of information) picture of Auggie as a character. 

We can see how his opinion of himself is changing over time and also how other people's perceptions of him change.



I wonder how this is true for you. I wonder how your opinion of yourself changes over time. I wonder if the way you see others changes over time. How has Covid-19 changed your perceptions.



You will need to read Part 6: August North Pole to The Ending ready for the next lesson. Listen to it here.