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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Monday 15th June 2020

In a few months, you will be starting secondary. Write 3 things you are a little worried or unsure about and 3 things you are excited about.

Friday 5th June 2020


Our school Bible story is the Good Samaritan.

What do you remember about the story?

Why is it important to us as a school family?


Thursday 4th June 2020

To what do you aspire?

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Compassion: think back to a time when someone has shown you compassion. Describe what happened and how it made you feel.

(Because your homework was posted a little later than usual today, you may have until midday tomorrow (Thursday) to complete)

Tuesday 2nd June 2020


Our school values are Fellowship, Compassion and Aspiration. List three things have you missed about Fellowship during lockdown or three things you are looking forward to experiencing through Fellowship when you return to school.

Email your responses to me by 8am tomorrow morning

Emilia's Fellowship Homework

Monday 1st June 2020


Your homework today is to write down three ways that you can be kind to someone this week.

Email this to me by 8am tomorrow morning.


Boris' ways to be kind

Emilia's ways to be kind