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Lesson 14

Lesson 14: we are continuing with Lesson 13.


Make sure you have completed Lesson 13 before you begin.


Today you will write your newspaper article based on the events leading up to and including the incident at the fairground - up to the point where Auggie's hearing aids are discovered in the locker.


Yesterday you made a timeline or important events in this incident. You also chose 3 characters to study, thinking about what happened from their perspective and imagining what they may have had to say about it.


Today, you will write your article. It would be useful for you to read some newspaper articles, either online or a real paper. This will help you to get an idea of the style of writing.


Check out The Week Junior (Customer Number: Archbishop Courtenay, Voucher code: TWJ2254vwx)


or First News


I have added word banks and also some newspaper templates that you may want to use to write your report. This might take you another day to complete - don't rush! Remember that all authors and journalists write then edit and write again - the first piece of writing is never the piece that is seen by the public!