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Tuesday 2nd March 2021


Today’s wake and shake is the animal freeze game:

Animal Freeze Dance


We are nearing the end of phase 3 so this week is a review of all the learning we have done so far. Lesson 37:

You could also have a go at this activity:

You could either use this board game or make one of your own. Draw some pictures, roll the dice, move that many spaces, then when you land on a picture:

-Say what the picture is of.

-Clap out the syllables in the word (for example ham-mer)

-Try writing the word


Today for handwriting you are going to recap writing the numbers 1 to 5. Can you remember the number rhymes we use to help us write the numbers?

Watch this number song:

Then have a practise at writing numbers 1 to 5. If you would like a challenge after your handwriting, have a try at filling in the missing numbers on the number line.

Maths Live session at 10.30am (complete this activity after)

Today in Maths our learning intention is: to be able to order and sequence important times in the day. To be successful in today’s learning you will be able to: order familiar events and use time words.

Your activity for today is to: sequence either your morning routine or a familiar activity such as brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

How can I complete this activity?

-There are some flashcards you may choose to use.

-You may choose to take photos of the order in which you complete the task.

-Draw your own flashcards and sequence them.


Next week is the week when we return to school!! For some children this is very exciting, however there may be some of us that are feeling a little nervous. I would like you to talk to your grown-ups at home about how you are feeling about coming back to school next week? Is there anything you would like to do or see before you come back? Is there something you are really looking forward to, if so what is it? Is there something you are not looking forward to, if so what is it?

You can have a chat about these things, or you may want to draw your different feelings.

Remember it is okay to feel different ways!