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Lesson 9

Lesson 9: identify and understand an alternative point of view

In this lesson you will:

  • Describe Via and suggest why she behaves in certain ways

  • Develop understanding of Via’s emotions and feelings

  • Apply metaphor and poetry


You can listen to it part two of Via here

In Part 2: Via reveals a lot about the part she plays in the family, her thoughts about Auggie, the relationship she had with Grans and her experience of starting a new school. Take a few moments to reflect on this (you will find it useful to go over the text again). Write Via's name in the middle of a page and make some notes about your thoughts.


Has reading this section made you change your opinion about Via? Do you feel like you understand her character a little better now?


Choose an aspect of Via that you are interested in, an event that stuck in your mind (could be using the metaphor of the galaxy to describe her family or her thoughts on the Punnett Square* or Grans dying or her relationship with Miranda and her experiences of school) and write a poem exploring her feelings on that matter.


* You might have found the Punnett Square  chapter difficult to understand: I had to read two or three times before I really understood what Via was saying. Don't worry if you found this tricky - go back and take another look. Call a friend and discuss it with them, talk to someone in your house about it or email me and ask for some help.


Read Part 3: Summer before the next lesson. Listen to it here.