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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday's English page!

Hopefully you were successful yesterday and began to master character conversation using speech bubble and NO INVERTED COMMAS!  Check out what Ioanna, Todor and Freya completed in class yesterday - i hope you agree they did a fantastic job!

Scroll down the page to see today's challenge...

Samples of Monday's work from the school bubbles

Today our task is to watch a short video clip of Twelfth Night by the British Council.  We think this will help you to understand what happens further in the story as it develops.  You'll need to watch this a few times this week as it will help you with your writing tasks...

I will demonstrate to you in the live lesson on teams at 11am how to change today's work into a real playscript.  I will use a sample of the ideas that the children in Bubble 1 came up with to help me create my Shakespeare inspired script that will aim to stay true to the original play storyline.  You will then have your turn to create a playscript from your work from Monday's lesson into a script complete with stage directions and details for the actors!

The resources you'll need are in the files below.


Good luck everyone - and have FUN with Shakespeare!