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Welcome to Archbishop Courtenay Church of England Primary School


We would like to welcome you to Archbishop Courtenay Primary School. As a senior leadership team, we will work to provide the best education for our pupils within an exciting curriculum and purposeful values. We are excited by this new phase of the school and the team of amazing staff we have with us to lead learning in the twenty-first century.


A bit about Mrs Ashley-Jones……

A huge welcome from me. I am the Executive Headteacher which means that I oversee two schools within the Trust: Archbishop Courtenay Primary School and Reculver CE Primary. I have been in education for over 25 years and have taught all age ranges, as well as having leadership experience in a number of schools and also working in conjunction with Kent Local Authority in an advisory role. This is my second executive headteacher role and I am really lucky here to have a great team who lead and manage the daily running of the school. We are also supported by great leaders in Mrs Bone, our Assistant Head Mrs Evans, our super middle leaders, a strong team of teachers, support staff, site manager, and administration team headed up by Mrs Morgan. Our team of Governors provide strong challenge and support and we value all their contributions to making the school the best it can be



A bit about Mrs Magner….

I have been involved in education for over twenty years and have been a Senior Leader in schools for nearly a decade, bringing lots of experience to my role as Head of School.  I am delighted to be taking on this role, which means I can now share and develop the love of learning that I have.   Through working with you all as families, as well as the wider community, I hope to ensure your children grow and develop into well rounded individuals, ready for their next steps in the world when they leave us.


Archbishop Courtenay School Values

Through God’s love and encouragement we aspire for all to achieve their potential.

As a family, through love for one another and full wise use of God’s gracious gifts to us, we aspire to live to our full potential as God intended.  


The story of The Good Samaritan shares God’s guidance and love for our fellow humankind……

When the Samaritan stopped to help the injured man he showed FELLOWSHIP towards a stranger who was in need   Luke 10:33

We are all part of God’s family by showing equality and fellowship in our school for all, by making everyone feel welcomed and cared for. Through the story of The Good Samaritan, Jesus explained that we are all part of God’s family and that we should all care for one another.

By caring for him and taking him to safety the Samaritan showed COMPASSION  Luke 10:34

We show compassion by the way we treat each other fairly and with kindness, as Jesus instructed his followers when he said,’ Go then and do the same.’  We empower our community to explore and talk to each other; we encourage the value of forgiveness.  The Samaritan did not think about the race or religion of the man, he just saw someone that needed help. 

Jesus said ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’ teaching us to have  ASPIRATION, to be the best we can be   Luke 10:27

We enable and resource our teachers and learners to excel at developing learning opportunities that will allow us all to strive to achieve our potential.  We look to our teachers to inspire and expand our children’s minds to be creative and independent in their thinking, promoting scholarship and ownership of their own futures.  When Jesus told us to ‘Love our neighbours as we love ourselves’ he was telling us to aspire to live and work collectively within God’s love.


Jesus taught us to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. At Archbishop Courtenay Primary we ensure we all feel part of a family where everyone is valued and encouraged to aspire to achieve their very best by providing-

  • An engaging and accessible curriculum which excites and stimulates a lifelong love of learning, through working together with our teachers and friends in Fellowship. We enhance this through a shared understanding of the world God created, which we experience through our worship.


  • Life is a gift from God, so at ABC we want everyone to reach their full potential regardless of their beliefs or background.  We aim to achieve this by promoting a Compassionate and holistic environment within which our children can thrive.


  • Jesus taught us to be the best we can be within the Family of God. We foster a determined approach to learning that will enable all children to Aspire and achieve within a caring Christian community


We celebrate the Christian character of our foundation and believe this character informs all that is done at Archbishop Courtenay through the values of