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Monday 11th

Good morning everyone and welcome to week 2!  We trust you had a very relaxing weekend and are up and ready to go for it with this week’s learning.  Let's get our hearts and minds warmed up. 

There is a brand new Daily Mile competition that you can complete available from today! Click the image to find it or start the day with Joe Wicks who is back doing live lessons!




We will begin Term 3 by reviewing our knowledge and understanding of Number and Place Value as this must be secure to help us with all other areas of mathematics.


  LIVE Hub Maths session at 10am with Miss Flisher  


WARM UP: (Click on the images to go to the webpage!)



MAIN LEARNING: Number and Place Value 

Bronze – This is aimed at those who need a bit of a recap on missed learning -   Follow the folders on your class page to find the ‘Monday Bronze Questions’ and ‘answers’ files.  

Silver and Gold - This is aimed at an expected year 5 standard and also a recap for year 6 today. 

Follow the folders on Microsoft Teams or your class page to find the ‘Monday Silver and gold Questions’ and ‘answers’ files.  

(Click the blue font to go straight to it!)


There is additional reasoning challenges available under the fluency on the class maths pages 😊 These are labelled bronze, silver or gold and there is also additional recap and consolidation fluency available there too. 



This week we will be continuing with our spelling knowledge of homophones.  Tasks have been organised in the spelling folder on each class page to show Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Follow the link to the spelling page you will need week 2 work: 

Spelling | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School 


Bronze tasks are a recap and consolidation of key words and spellings 

Silver are Homophones aimed at Year 5 expected level 

Gold are Homophones aimed at Year 6 expected level 


Select the spelling level that will give you the challenge that you need. Then complete one of the tasks below to help you practise your spellings today: 

Bronze:  Select sound – what are the grapheme choices – sound sort by words 

Silver / Gold Introduce spellings of the week  

  • What patterns can you see? 

  • What is the focus sound? Where does it belong on the sound chart? 

  • What might be tricky? Why? How can we remember these parts? 

  • How many syllables are there in each word? 

  • What are the sounds in each word? (Use dots and dashes to identify each sound) 

  • Is there a spelling rule associated with the focus? Are there any exceptions to the rule? 

Pupils practise under Monday on the sheet.



On Friday, you wrote a letter to Ernest Shackleton hoping that he would choose you as one of his 27 crew mates. Out of 5,000 applicants, your letter needed to be really convincing! 

Today is an opportunity to edit and improve that letter! 


Your letter should include 3 main aspects: 

1) Facts about yourself and your job and why that’s important as part of the crew (e.g. Leonard Hussey was a meteorologist – someone who predicts the weather – and would be needed for predicting upcoming storms) 

2) Hobbies and interests that would be useful for the whole crew in boosting their mood in those difficult and boring parts of the long voyage (e.g. a wonderful singing voice!) 

3) Character traits such as being determined, physically strong or very clever and explain how these might help on the voyage. 

The key is to stand out above the rest! 


Check out Aksara’s first draft below for an idea of what do do (she has done exceptionally well at including the first main aspect but will add the other two aspects in her final version): 


See also the previous templates from Friday's lesson as a reminder and help for you to magpie ideas from:


Remember to check your punctuation with your class teacher and to use the writing aids in the English tabs to improve your vocabulary and sentence structure: 


 LIVE Hub reading session at 12am: Wolf Wilder read by Miss Copley 


Collective worship 

Follow the link for today’s collective worship: 

Term 3 | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

You will need to look in week 2 and find Monday’s Collective worship power point to take part. 



This week we build on our learning from the last lesson last week, where we remembered back to our learning about Moses and how he made a covenant (agreement) with God.  Today our theme is about making connections.  You will need Resource sheet 1 (The Ten Commandments) from the RE resource area: uc-upper-ks22b.3-people-of-god.pdf 

You don’t need rules to make you do something if you are already doing it… For each commandment, work out what the people must have been doing wrong if the People of God had to be given that commandment. 

  • How is the world similar of different today?  


Give 3 reasons why Christians and Jews argue that the Ten Commandments are still important today. 

  • What would an atheist say about the value of these commandments? 

  • Which of the commandments would be the hardest for a Christian to keep? 

  • Is it possible to keep all of them? 

  • Is is hard not to kill? 

  • Is it harder to never be greedy or to always tell the truth? 

  • What happens when someone fails to live up to these commandments? 

  • Should a person be punished or helped? 

  • Which commandments would have the most impact on the world today if everyone followed them? 


Select a Bronze / Silver or Gold task to complete.  Remember to email your work to your teacher: 





Recreate the 10 commandments using Lego or other toys available.  Photograph each commandment and annotate it in your book with which commandment it shows 


Discuss and create a modern day set of Ten Commandments that reflect how the world has changed and how people should behave in order to preserve all  that is good in the world  


It is not only Christian and Jewish people who want freedom and justice.  Reflect on why ideas of freedom and justice are so important in the world today.  Research global examples i.e. 

  • Desomnd Tutu 

  • Malala 

  • Aung San Suu Kyi 

  • Pandurang Shastri Athavale 



Reading skills 

Read the Powerpoint (R5a slide 1 – 10), answering the questions as you go. This should only take you about 15 mins.  

Then find ‘Ice Palace part 5’ as read by Miss Flisher, by clicking the image below!