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Thursday 14th

Thursday 14th January 2021 


Good morning everyone! Happy Thursday! Did you know Thursday gets its name from "Thor's day"? After the hammer-wielding Norse god :o! Find today’s work below.  


Joe Wicks Live at 9am (click picture) or The Daily Mile


 LIVE Hub PSHE session at 10am with Mr Biddlecombe



We will begin Term 3 by reviewing our knowledge and understanding of Number and Place Value as this must be secure to help us with all other areas of mathematics. 


WARM UP: (Click on the image to go to the webpage!) 



MAIN LEARNING: Number and Place Value (multiplication)  


If you are completing Silver or Gold tasks today, don’t miss the video/cheat sheet on the mains maths page of each class to help with this tricky 2-digit multiplication method!  


Bronze – This is aimed at those who need a bit of a recap on missed learning - Word problems today based on this week’s multiplication practice! Questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. ‘Thursday Bronze Questions’  


Silver  - This is aimed at an expected year 5 standard. Check out the videos and see the questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. 'Thursday Silver Questions’    


Gold – This is aimed at those who need a bit of a recap on missed learning - Word problems today based on this week’s multiplication practice! Questions and answers in PDF form or a picture of the question sheet below it. ‘Thursday Gold Questions’ 


(Click the blue font to go straight to it!) 



This week we will be continuing with our spelling knowledge of homophones.  Tasks have been organised in the spelling folder on each class page to show Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Follow the link to the spelling page you will need week 2 work: 

Spelling | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School 

Bronze tasks are a recap and consolidation of key words and spellings 

Silver are Homophones aimed at Year 5 expected level 

Gold are Homophones aimed at Year 6 expected level 

Select the spelling level that will give you the challenge that you need. Then complete one of the tasks below to help you practise your spellings today: 


  • Make up silly sentences. How many can we use in one sentence? 
  • Write down sentences on reverse side of spelling sheet.  
  • Underline spelling word / rainbow colour. Where does it come in a sentence? 

Pupils practise under Thursday on the sheet. 




After Ernest Shackleton chose his crew and his ship (based on your amazing leaflet from the last two English lessons!), he set sail! Check out the image below:


Today we are going to plan to describe the setting using our senses. To get a feel of what it may have been like, watch the video below: 



Watch this to get a feel of what it may have been like to wave goodbye to the Endurance. Keep in mind that this video has it's differences though ;-)

Use the following pictures to help create a 'senses mind-map' of what it was like for somebody standing on those docks waving off a loved one (e.g. Frank Wild's wife waving off her husband) or just a passer-by who had heard the news of the expedition. What were the sights, the sounds, the smells etc that you experience standing on the docks.


You only need to mind-map these but the more creative your descriptions are the more you will find tomorrow's writing that bit easier :-)! Check out the examples below for ideas!

Remember to check your punctuation with your class teacher and to use the writing aids in the English tabs to improve your vocabulary and sentence structure: 


 LIVE Hub reading session:  Wolf Wilder read by Miss Copley 


Collective worship 

Follow the link for today’s collective worship: 

Term 3 | Archbishop Courtenay Primary School ( 

You will need to look in week 2 and find Monday’s Collective worship power point to take part. 



Last week, we practiced shadow drawing after watching a shadowologist and found items around our houses to recreate pictures from the shadows they made. If you haven’t done this fun art lesson yet then go back to that via the home learning pages before continuing with today’s activity. 

We would like to recreate the picture below using a sketching pencil (or regular pencil) only! You must pay careful attention to the shadows of the icebergs created by the moon. 


  • Bronze - Can you make these all go in the same direction and longer or shorter depending on the iceberg's height? 


  • Bronze and silver - Can you go a step further and make the base of the shadows darker than the tips? 


  • Bronzesilver and gold - Can you make the sea closest to the moon’s reflect on the horizon (the top part of the sea you can see) lighter than the rest of the sea? 



 LIVE Hub Nurture Session at 2:30pm: Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram

Reading skills 


Follow and read the Powerpoint (R5b slide 1 – 9), answering the questions as you go. This should only take you about 15 mins. 

Then find ‘Ice Palace part 8’ as read by Miss Flisher.