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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Thurs 6th May Online Learning Day

Thursday 6th May

There will be live lessons on TEAMS at 11am for Maths and 1pm for RE.

Welcome to our online learning day! Let's start the day with a little moving.


Mrs Bourdillon's group

Year 3 Spellings

Suffix ly exceptions

truly, duly, publicly, daily, slyly, shyly, fully, wholly, coyly, happily

Year 4 Spelling words

Suffix ous

poisonous, dangerous, mountainous, marvellous, perilous, tremendous, enormous, jealous, precious, disastrous



Anglo Saxon Boy Chapter 5


Questions for reading

SPaG: Turn Sentences into Questions.

Look at these answers from Harold to his son Magnus.

Use the words in BOLD to work out what questions Magnus asked his father.

QUESTION WORDS: What/Where/Who/Why


You should keep Hakon with you in the great hall.

Who should I keep with me in the great hall?

1. You should keep quiet and watch.

2. You should listen carefully to Ealdred.

3. You should stay around the great hall.

4. Tostig is hurting people because he has bought men and he thinks it makes him look strong.


Imagine you are Magnus in York.

Draft a letter to your father Harold in Sussex about the situation in York with Tostig.

Start the letter with an appropriate greeting and reason for writing.

Explain what you have seen and heard and how you feel about Tostig and Ealdred.

Explain about the burnt farm you saw and that Tostig ordered it. What kind of people is Tostig using?

What differences are there in the way Tostig rules and your father Harold? 

What questions do you want to ask your father for advice about what to do next?

Mrs Bourdillon's Maths group

LI using arrays

Year 3 Maths Mr Hazelby

LI non-unit fractions

Year 4 Maths Mrs Irvine

LI divide 1 and 2 digits by 100