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Comprehension Questions


Find the comprehension questions below. Choose either Gold or Silver to complete. Chapter 2 is below and you can either listen or just read. 




1. Why did the author choose this title: The wumpy choo?

2. Can you find an example of effective description? What makes it effective?

3. Which words tell you how Bill was feeling?

4. Why is the word ‘anyone’ on page 21 in italics? Can you find examples of other words in italics and suggest why they are italicised?

5. What does the reaction of the footballers to the bet tell you about the way they are treating Bill?



1. Why did bill decide not to play football? 

2. How did Bill get knocked to the ground? 

3. What happened when Bill tried to borrow the ball? 

4. What area of the playground did the girls have to play on? 

5. What did Martin give Bill? 

Bill's New Frock Chapter 2