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Lesson 3

Lesson 3: complete and write up

In this lesson you will:

  • Add final thoughts and wisdom to share
  • Read work aloud and make final edits
  • Write up neatly for publication



I'd like to inspire you: watch the video (the song starts at 2:06)


Ready to work like a champion? I thought so ... let's go!


Thus far, you have reflected on your time here at ABC, shared some significant memories, offered some of your 7-year-at-ABC wisdom and shared your pride at your learning journey. You have edited your writing, using the Year 6 writing criteria, to ensure that you have applied appropriate grammar, punctuation and spelling. Well done!


Take the work you have completed and read it aloud. This is important because often, when we read to ourselves, we seem to miss some of our mistakes and skip over errors. Reading aloud can force us to slow down a little and to spot missing words or punctuation and it also helps us to realise when something doesn't quite make sense. Please do that now and make any corrections or changes that you need to.


I wonder how you will end your reflection on your time at ABC. You might want to sum up everything that you have learned in a few sentences. You might want to include a precept (think about the precepts in Wonder by R.J. Palacio).


Here is an example:

It is not easy to sum up my time at ABC in a simple sentence or even a paragraph. Every day has offered opportunities to grow, to learn something new and to become the best me that I can be. I have made mistakes along the way (quite a few, in fact), gotten in trouble every now and then and said things that probably should have been left unsaid! That's the amazing thing about ABC, like a great family, I know that I belong here even when I've not been my best. I have enjoyed the fellowship of friends, the compassion of those who care about me and the aspiration of teachers who want me to be my very best. 

Welcome to our school. Just like family, you will always be safe, loved and valued here. 


With kindest regards,

Your First Name Only, e.g. Bella




When you are happy with your letter, I would like you to write it neatly on a separate piece of paper (you might prefer to type). Email your completed work to me .Your letters will be shared with the new children who are starting school in September so please don't include your full name - first name only please - and do not include your home address. Here is an example: