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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! 

This morning we are going to start our day with a Wake and Shake called 'Boom, Chika, Boom!' 

Boom Chicka Boom | Fun Dance Song for Kids | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann



Today in phonics we are going to be looking at something a little bit different. We are going to be learning how to read words with double letters. Take a look at the letters and sounds video here: - Lesson 28 (read words with double letters). 


After, you can watch this video about adding double letters from Alphablocks! 

Phonics - Double letters | Learn to Read | Alphablocks



Today for PE we are going to be combining all of the great things you have learnt this term! Have a look at the videos below delivered by Mrs Eades and Miss Sutherland for you to join in and follow along with! 

PE Warm Up

Still image for this video

PE Main Lesson

Still image for this video

PE Cool Down

Still image for this video


Today in handwriting, you are going to be writing another tricky word! This time it is.... me! 

Can you have a go at practising the word, then writing it into a sentence. After, have a look at the picture below, can you find the tricky words 'he' and 'me' then match them? 


Our maths learning objective this week is to make pairs. 

To be successful today you should be able to put objects into pairs as well as being able to describe why they are in pairs. 

Have a look at the video attached for some input then complete the following activity. 


First of all play a game of snap using a deck of cards or a set of picture cards. Why are you able to call snap? What are the rules? 


Draw out your own set of cards for somebody else to play with, remember that you need to include pairs. 

Play your own game of snap with a partner. 


EXT: could you draw a pair of things that don't seem to go together but explain why they do! 


To finish off your lesson on pairs today, have a go at playing this pairs game:


Maths Input

Maths task