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Day 7 - Tuesday 31st March 2020



How are you today? I've had some lovely emails - especially one from Alan. He emailed me his space story AND created the solar system! He kindly sent me a picture - look below to see it!


Today's challenge is looking at relative clauses! Use the BBC bitesize website ( to answer the questions on the file below. Once you have completed that can you write some sentences of your own that contain relative clauses! Remember to read them aloud to check they make sense!


If you need any help don't be afraid to email:


Have fun and stay safe 


Miss Flisher


Alan's Solar System    

Day 6 - Monday 30th March 2020


Hello Redwings!

I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend! It's week 2 of homeschooling! How have you been getting on? Email me at to let me know what you've been doing.


So your challenge today is Maths related and it's all about decimals! Follow the link ( and work through the lessons. Bonus task for you aswell - Explain how decimals can be ordered and converted into fractions and percentages using the following words:


Percentage, equivalent, fraction, decimal, multiply, divide, whole, third and half. 


Email me with your answers and best answers get housepoints!


Talk to you tomorrow!


Miss Flisher

Day 5 - Friday 27th March 2020!


It's the end of the first week of our strange new way of living! How have you found it? I think its been tough but I'm making sure I have structure to my day; work time, exercise time and relax time. Also, I've been doing all those jobs around the house that I've been meaning to do for ages! Must look on the positives!


So your end of the week challenge is to go into the garden or balcony or look out of your window, absorb the glorious weather, and answer these questions:


1. How many different species of animal you can see? 

2. How would you classify these species? 

3. Do these species help plants in their life-cycle?

4. Can you note down the species' life cycles? 

5. Can you sketch the species you find?


There is lots to help you with this here, in fact, there is enough here to keep you busy all weekend! 


Keep working on your packs and tasks today and make sure you find time to exercise and relax! Also, thank you to all those who have been emailing! It's been great to here from you! If you haven't emailed me please do so! The email is


See you next week!


Miss Flisher



We'd like to know how you are getting on with your home learning and how you are. Please ask your adult to follow the link  and complete the 2-minute survey:  
(If you click on the link and it doesn't take you to the survey, please copy and paste it to your address bar)

Day 4 - Thursday 26th March 2020!


Almost the end of the first week! I would love to know how you've been getting on! Send me an email to check in either using the comment box below or emailing 


So today I would love you do to some reading. To make it even easier David Walliams can read it to you. Follow the link and listen to the story; make sure you look up any words you don't quite understand. Can you write a review on the story? Did you like it? What parts were good or bad? Explain why you thought this. Try to use you persuasive language to get your point of view across!


Again I would love to read them so send them to me! 


Stay safe! 


Miss Flisher

Day 3 - Wednesday 25th March 2020


Hi, I hope you are all well and not too bored indoors! It's easy for the boredom to sneak up by try and keep a list of tasks to do and complete them throughout the day! Hopefully you will be kept busy that way! 


I was thinking about today's challenge when I came across the NASA website which has 100's of pictures on it from space! What a fantastic story you could create! So, your task is to create a story about a mission to space. This can be for a younger sibling or for someone your own age! Try and use descriptive language to paint a picture in the readers mind! Don't be afraid to draw you own illustrations as well! Follow the link to find the pictures - 


Now of course I want to read them, so send your stories to It will help me with my boredom! 


Stay indoors, stay safe. Talk tomorrow!


Miss Flisher 

Day 2 - Tuesday 24th March 2020!


Well, I have had my morning workout and I now my legs are aching!!! It was a tough one but hopefully the workouts will get easier and easier! Follow Joe Wicks morning workouts at 9am on Youtube like me!


Now for your daily challenge... I have been trying to challenge all of you on TTRockstars, however my internet isn't working amazingly so it isn't loading properly. So I have recorded a speed of 2.14 sec/qu - can you beat it? I'm going to work super hard to beat my own score! If you do beat it, screenshot the page and sent it to: and I will record house points for the class for when we return! Winning house will get a prize!


Have fun and stay safe!


Miss Flisher

             Can you beat my score?

Day 1 - Monday 23rd March 2020! 


Hello fellow Redwings!


I hope you have been busy today starting your packs. I have certainly been busy at school! I tuned into Joe Wicks on Youtube and followed his workout! He is doing it everyday at 9am! Catch him tomorrow if you can and get your whole family doing it! It's so important we stay active during this time. 


I will be on here every weekday to give you new tasks or work or challenges. Today I have set some new challenges on Mathletics for you to complete!


Missing you all! See you soon! 


Miss Flisher