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Wake and Shake:

This week is mental health week so the wake and shake songs this week will help us learn more about this.

Today’s one is about our feelings:

Phonics: Today’s digraph is ‘ur’

I wonder can you practise singing the alphabet song (today’s one is a different one from last week):

Today’s lesson is ‘Lesson 21 ur (fur)’:


Handwriting: tricky word ‘no’

Before we start handwriting, have a go at singing the tricky word song:

Tricky Words Song

Can you remember which letters make no? Have a practise at writing no. Here is an idea that I found:



First you need to find the tricky word card for no, then if you don’t have cubes you could have the letters written on flashcards and put them together to make the word. Then practise writing it.



Our learning intention for Literacy today is: To find out facts about dinosaurs using non-fiction books or the internet.

To be successful in your learning today you will be able to: find information in a non-fiction book or using the internet, and listen to and repeat facts.

Firstly, I would like you to see if you have different types of books at home. Do you have some that are fiction (story books) and some that are non-fiction (information books). Have a look at your books and then sort them.

Next, think of a dinosaur, this may be your favourite dinosaur or it could be one you want to find some more information on. Look through the books, but if you do not have books, then you can use the internet to help you. Search for the dinosaur, and I would like you to try and find out these facts:

  1. What is its name? How do you spell it?
  2. What colour is it?
  3. Does it have any features? (for example, horns or spikes), if so where are they on the dinosaurs body?
  4. What does it eat?
  5. What is it’s habitat?

Today, you are just going to make notes so you can do this in anyway you choose, you may choose to write them, draw a picture or make a mind map (example below).


Still image for this video

PSED: There will be a whole school TEAMS collective worship at 1.30


Draw your feelings.

This week is mental health week and today’s activity is linked to feelings.

Begin by talking about different feelings, you may want to watch this to remind you of some names for feelings:


Next draw a picture of yourself. Then I would like you to think about the different feelings you have ever felt and write them round your picture, you may choose to use different colours for different feelings. Talk about what you can do when you are feeling certain ways, for example if you are feeling sad what could you do to make yourself happier?