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L.I. To research the life and times of William Shakespeare



Miss Copley is going live for this lesson at 11am so make sure you tune in!


We are looking at William Shakespeare's plays this term in English, so it's really important we know who he is. Have a think, do you know anything about him already? Do you know any of his plays? Or the modern versions of them? Where were his plays performed? When was he alive? If you don't know that now, you will by the end of the topic! 


Shakespeare is a very well-known playwright who wrote very many popular plays. He was born in 1564 with most of his plays written between 1585 - 1613. We still know and love his plays today. So what makes them so great to have lasted so long? 


You are going to find that out today. Your task is to create a fact file of William Shakespeare using a variety of sources. Can you find out:

      - His childhood and family

      - His work as an actor, playwright and poet

      - His life in the Elizabethan court

      - His plays and poems

      - The Globe theatre and how it relates to Shakespeare

      - Shakespeare's famous quotes


Use the resources below to help you find the information you need! Remember Miss Copley is doing a live English lesson at 11:00am to help you. 



Shakespeare For Kids

Find out interesting facts about the famous playwright, William Shakespeare. Suitable for teaching English at KS2, in England and Wales and Northern Ireland....