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Good morning! 


Let's get started with a wake up shake up!





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Think about the adjectives that Shirley Hughes uses to describe things in the poem:

Dark Clouds, Misted pane, Wet umbrellas, Running noses, Damp feet.

Do these phrases make you think the wet weather is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?
Look at the grown-ups in the illustrations. We can’t see their faces, but how do you think they feel about the weather? Why do you think this?
Who do you think might like the rain in the illustrations? What makes you think this? Why do you think they might like it?
Why do you think Shirley Hughes called the poem Wet? How does this word make you feel?

How is it different to calling the poem Rain? Does it sound more positive or negative?


TASK: We'd like you to look at the picture you drew yesterday and write descriptive noun phrases  (adjective + noun)  about what you have drawn, use the poem to inspire your word choices.

Here's our example:

Muddy puddles; Colourful rainbow; Happy children; Large, yellow umbrella; Gentle rain





Learn more about noun phrases here:

Year 1 Maths

Today we are using the phrases greater than, less than and equal to in order to compare numbers to 50.


Warm up

Year 1 - Compare numbers within 50

Year 2 Maths

Today we are learning to interpret pictograms by dividing by 2 and 10.

Warm up

Year 2 - Interpret pictograms


Today we are developing our throwing and catching skills.


First, warm up with Joe Wicks' 5-minute mover.

Next, follow along with Miss Haines to develop our throwing and catching skills

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