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L.I. Exploring character, setting and narrative


Read the first chapter of Bill's New Frock. You can either read it yourself or listen to Miss Copley read it below.

'Bill's New Frock' Chapter 1

Once you have read/listened to the chapter, I would like you to create spider diagrams on the chapter using the headings below. Your spider diagram should express your thoughts and feelings towards the heading. Use the questions to help you with your thinking. 



We see Bill as a 'girl', but what kind of boy do you think he is?

How is he presented?

Describe how he is he feelings about his new situation. 

What might Bill's role be in the novel?



How does the school treat boys and girls differently?

How does out school compare?



Why do you think the narrator asks so many questions?

The narrator has described events as 'in a dream'. Do you think Bill is dreaming?

What evidence do you have to support your ideas?