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5 Our Support Network

Session 5: Our Support Network

Who are the people that are important to you? Create a mind map, with you in the middle, and the important people around you.

(You might include family, friends, teachers, people who help you and others)


I wonder why these people are important to you? Underneath each name, write a few words to state why they are important, for example you might Mum: always listens to me and loves me no matter what

Watch the video (click the words below)


What is a support network?


•A support network refers to people in your life who can offer you practical and emotional support.


•They are people that you can trust and rely on. 



Which people support you? Who is in your support network? It could be just one or two people or it could be more.





•Everybody needs help from time to time. 

•Never expect others to know how to provide the support you need.

•Be brave and ask for help if you need it.  

If someone is working through this session with you, role play different ways that you could ask for help. I you are by yourself, write or draw the different ways you could do this. Here are some suggestions: