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Archbishop Courtenay Primary School

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Welcome to Monday!

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Good morning UKS2 and welcome to our new blog! Here, all three classes will be able to see the work for the day. Today, Mr B is in class so Miss Flisher and Miss Copley will be available to answer any question you have! Find the learning below and have an amazing day!


Morning wake up - 15 minutes

9am Joe Wicks Workout or Daily Mile Challenge! Click the images below.



 LIVE Lesson - Miss Copley - RE - 10am

Maths - 50 minutes

This weeks maths is focused on Division... don't scream, it will be ok! Find the link to the maths below. Pick the level that suits you! 

Bronze -  Divide by 2 digits part 1

Silver - Divide by 2 digits part 2

Gold - Division by 3 digits


Watch the video that links to the level and have a go at the questions. If you are finding it too tricky, move down a level, if it's too easy move up a level! 


Spelling - 15 minutes

This week we are looking at the -ible/-able rule in spellings. Go the spelling page by clicking the image below and then pick either bronze, silver or gold words. Your activity today is on the same page. 



English - 50 minutes

Today we are looking at the events that occurred on the Shackleton Expedition and creating a timeline of these events. This will be in preparation for a big write at the end of the week where you will be writing as the boat. Use the link below to head straight to the lesson. 


LIVE Lesson - Mr B - Reading for Pleasure - 12pm

Reading Skills - 30 minutes

We will be focusing more in depth at the book 'Ice Palace' by Roberts Swindells. Hopefully you have listened to the book over the last two weeks and can answer some retrieval questions based on it. Lucky for you, I have reuploaded the videos as well as the PDF of the story! Find the story and the questions by clicking on the link below. 



RE - 40 minutes

This week we will be continuing our focus of 'People of God' and answering our big question - How can following God bring freedom and justice? Follow the link below to go straight to the lesson and complete either bronze, silver or gold task.



LIVE Lesson - Mrs Martin and Mrs Ingram - Nurture Group - 2:30pm